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OneSoccer Free Stream

OneSoccer To Stream CPL For Free (For A Time)

By on April 16, 2019 7 6066 Views

With the Canadian Premier League only 11 days from kicking off, there’s still plenty of things for the league to sort out – the first of which is how people are going to catch the games if their butts aren’t actually in stadium seats.

During the league’s kit launch a few weeks ago, MEDIAPRO unveiled OneSoccer as the league’s solution for streaming video content. The subscription-based global streaming service will provide access to every Canadian Premier League game throughout the season, with plenty of additional interviews and videos to boot. The question of the service’s price-point, however, still remains a mystery.

Today, though, OneSoccer revealed some great news for fans interested in the CPL: the service will launch at no cost for a ‘generous’ period of time. It’s not known how long that will actually be, but considering it means fans worldwide can tune in and get high-value streams with no barrier of entry, this is fantastic news for the league as a whole.

MEDIAPRO is investing a significant amount in the league, striking a 10-year deal with Canada Soccer Business that not only includes production of CPL and Canadian Championship games, but that of the national team as well.

In terms of television broadcast rights, it is widely rumoured that CBC Sports will be partnering with the Canadian Premier League. Amid the rumours, CBC has now cleared a spot during the inaugural CPL game on April 27, and another spot during the league’s second game on April 28. It’s a pretty big coincidence otherwise, so a CBC Sports broadcast announcement is likely due to come as early as next week.

With OneSoccer providing free global access to anyone interested in the newfound league – at least, for a time – there’s ample opportunity for the CPL to build a following. OneSoccer’s generous offer is great news for the league as a whole, and when one considers the production quality already witnessed (MEDIAPRO produced Canada vs French Guiana, for instance), there’s certainly exciting times ahead.

Source: OneSoccer (via Twitter)

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