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Westhills Stadium Construction Due For Completion August 2019

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Vancouver Island side Pacific FC has left it late for a few things, like finally securing just its 16th player, or arranging one last preseason fixture some 6 days before its first-ever CPL game. Similarly, construction to expand the club’s Westhills Stadium home ground only just began about a week ago.

As it turns out, this construction won’t conclude until August 24, 2019, well into the fall season of the Canadian Premier League. That’s the day Pacific FC are set to take on Valour FC, with the Vancouver Island side having about 5 home games left in the season after that.

The home grounds will still be open for business when Pacific FC takes on Halifax Wanderers next Sunday, but guests won’t have access to all of the amenities quite yet – nor, of course, all of the seats.

By opening time next week, Pacific FC fans can expect the main grandstand to have all-new purple seating. The operations manager stated this will only take 2 days to install, making it one of the smaller-scale pieces of the large expansion project.

Still, the difference the last week has made has been immense. The modular wood grandstands being installed were called “LEGO on steroids” by the Italian construction company behind the project, and those interlacing materials go up quick. Where there was bare ground a week ago is now a recognizable extension of the stadium, and once completed it should seat between 6,000-7,000 Canadian Premier League fans.

Westhills Stadium isn’t the only home ground undergoing a pro-league renovation, either: Spruce Meadows (Cavalry FC) began its expansion around a week ago, too. It’s not currently known when the Spruce Meadows expansion will be complete.

The Canadian Premier League is aiming for clubs to be able to seat around 6,000 fans to start. It’s the only reason why Mississauga – an urban area with a dense population of eager fans – is taking time to get organized. The city is wrapping up a stadium feasibility project, but for now the supporter’s group in the area is left waiting.

In Vancouver Island, the existing Westhills Stadium is a suitable home ground – it’ll just take a bit of time to get things up to the scale CPL commissioner David Clanachan wants.

Source: CTV Vancouver Island

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