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1812 FC Barrie Posts Front Office Changes

By on January 23, 2021 0 4208 Views

EDIT: More 1812 FC Barrie departures from the website came later in the day, with supporters’ group director Ronan Cordelle, treasurer Cesar Melendez, media producer Shawn Gibson, and advisory member Kristian Jack being de-listed.

While 1812 FC has continued its high-profile front office partnerships with the addition of FC Edmonton head coach Jeff Paulus in a volunteer role last night, the side appears to be in the midst of some significant front office turnover.

The prospective League1 Ontario side has made waves with its ambitious intentions and desire to bring high performance soccer to the Barrie area, with the recent announcements of both Jeff Paulus and a new partnership with the Innisfil Soccer Club coming amidst some quiet, albeit significant, departures.

A look at the club website indicates that there have been several executive figures de-listed this month: while co-founder Andrew Weilgus remains at the helm, the website shows that Peter Raco, the Barrie Soccer Club, and previous co-owner Julian de Guzman have been removed as members of the executive team.

The move coincides with the creation of a new FC Barrie social media presence with League1 Ontario branding, suggesting that there now may be two competing ownership groups in the Barrie area. According to a more recent post by Raco made online, the new FC Barrie side will be led by himself, de Guzman, and the Barrie Soccer Club.

An announcement made earlier this week shows that 1812 FC has recently partnered with the Innisfil Soccer Club, which further suggests that a new local club has replaced the Barrie Soccer Club’s role in the community-focused club structure of 1812 FC. Famed Arsenal scout Francis Cagigao is still listed in an advisory role.

The club website shows that more Barrie-based members have joined its executive team, with Georgian College graduate Cesar Melendez listed as the club treasurer, Barrie Sports tourism board member Louise Jackson listed team secretary, and former NCAA player Alex Trujillo listed as the Director of Business Development.

While details from either side remain a mystery for the moment, it’s expected that more of the full picture will come to light when League1 Ontario announces its team list for the 2021 season. With what looks like two Barrie-based clubs now in the foundation process, it’ll be interesting to see what ultimately unfolds in the near future.

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