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Canadian Premier League Announces 2022 CPL-U SPORTS Draft

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The Canadian Premier League has confirmed that the 2022 CPL-U SPORTS Draft will be held in early January 2022, marking fourth time the draft will take place.

The 2022 CPL-U SPORTS Draft will consist of two rounds with eight picks in each round, with one for each team. The league did not clarify what the draft order will be, though it will presumably go by order of champion, runner up, and league standing with a snake draft order for the second round.

The previous U SPORTS Draft was highlighted by the eventual signings of players like Haiti-tapped Garven Metusala, the fast-footed Stefan Karajovanovic, and Lebanon U-23 prospect Tony Mikhael, while athletes like Kareem Sow, Chris Lee, Victor Loturi, and Thomas Gardner also impressed following their selections.

Forge FC Garven Metusala
Forge’s Garven Metusala signed a full deal with the club following his selection in the draft.

The draft allows eligible U SPORTS athletes to register and declare themselves available for selection, with clubs then able to make draft picks that grant access to trial opportunities with the respective CPL sides. Unlike the MLS SuperDraft, however, these players still retain free agency and aren’t obligated to actually sign for the club which drafts them.

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In the inaugural draft, Easton Ongaro was drafted by Cavalry but ultimately signed with FC Edmonton before he exploded as one of the league’s top goalscorers. There are plenty of players who have made a splash since entering through the draft, like Cory Bent, Peter Schaale, Zach Verhoven, Joel Waterman, and Isaiah Johnston, who recently signed a new extension with York United.

As before, eligible U SPORTS drafts much have between 1-4 years of U SPORTS eligibility remaining. Interested U SPORTS underclassman can register for the draft here here, with the deadline for applicants closing at midnight on December 1, 2021.

The draft is expected to be streamed live on either YouTube or OneSoccer.

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