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2022 CPL-U SPORTS Draft Player List

Here Are The Players Eligible For The 2022 CPL-U SPORTS Draft

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The list of players eligible for the 2022 CPL-U SPORTS Draft has been released, with 165 university athletes set to vie for sixteen possible draft selections next week.

This year’s edition of the draft will see all eight Canadian Premier League clubs go through two rounds with one draft selection in each. There won’t be a snake draft format this time around, with the draft selection order now going as follows:

2022 CPL U-SPORTS Draft

The final list of 165 athletes is described as a compilation of work between U SPORTS and CPL coaching recommendations with input and feedback from the domestic professional league’s scouting department, too.

This year’s draft list features a handful of athletes who already have experience playing or training with CPL sides, with Luke Green, Gabriel Bitar, Svyatic Artemenko, Gabriel Balbinotti, Horace Patient Sobze Zemo, Raphael Garcia, and 2004-born Ali Yildiz all making the list.

There’s also some draft familiars in there, with hopefuls like Christopher Campoli, Jose de Cunha, and Victory Shumbuso all returning whilst former Wanderers trialist Jamie Watson is also in the running.

Without further ado, here’s a look at the players up for grabs in the 2022 CPL-U SPORTS Draft:

ABRAHART, JosephWMMacEwan University2000
AGYEKUM, AkwasiDMThompson Rivers University2002
AJIBADE, AbassDM Macewan University1995
ALSHAKMAN, MohamedCMMcMaster University2002
ANDO, KenshoWMUNBC1998
ARTEMENKO, SvyatoslavGKUniversity of Guelph2000
ASSAF, DanielFWCarleton University2001
BAUER MARR, AidanCBWestern University1999
BEGLEY, JacobCBOntario Tech University2000
BEKWAYO, KuhleCMUniversity of Saskatchewan2001
BENQUET, LoicLBUniversity of Northern British Columbia2001
BHATTI, HumzaAM York University1999
BITAR, GabrielFWCarleton University1998
BOOTH, LucasDMQueen’s University2002
BOSCH, JakobCMUniversity of Alberta2000
BOSETTI, NolanCBBrock University2000
BOUE, AlexandreAM McMaster University1999
BRENNAN, ZaneWMAcadia1999
BRUCE, JulienWM University of Montreal1999
CAMPOLI, ChristopherAMOntario Tech University2001
CARLOS, JacobCM Ryerson University2001
CARTER, HarryCB Memorial University2000
CHAMBERS, RhysGKMount Allison University2003
CHANNER, MarcusDMMcMaster University2001
CHO, JasonWMQueen’s University2001
CHOW, NathanWMUPEI2001
CHUNG, DavidWM University of Alberta2001
CISSE, AboubacarWMUniversity of Northern British Columbia1998
CLARKE, DanielGKCape Breton University2003
COLLENS, LiamGKUniversity of Alberta2001
COLLINS, JackRB Nipissing University1999
COLYN, SebastianGK Trinity Western University1999
COMBA, RickyCM Carleton University1999
CONTE, DarioCMCarleton University1997
COORE, KairoFWCape Breton University2001
DE CUNHA, JoseCBCape Breton University2001
DEBISON-LARABIE, CarsonDMCape Breton University2001
DOLO, EmmanuelWM Memorial University1999
DOMIC, DaneCMMount Royal University1998
DORSCHEID, AlexanderGKUniversity of Alberta2001
DRON, DemianCBUniversity of Northern British Columbia2001
DUDEK, DawidWMMount Royal University2001
EL GANDOUR, MohamedWM Mount Royal University2000
ENES, MichaelCMMacEwan University2001
FERGUSON, IanCBQueen’s University2003
FIELD, DamonCB University of Lethbridge2001
FRASER, JamesFWThompson Rivers University1996
FREEMAN, SeanFWSaint Mary’s University2003
GAJIC, StefanCMMacEwan University2000
GANDER, ColinLBUniversity of Guelph2000
GARCIA, RaphelRB Carleton University1999
GARDNER, JacksonGK Thompson Rivers University2000
GEHLERT, EricLBUniversity of Alberta2002
GNALY, BryanWMSherbrooke2002
GOERTZEN, ReesCBUniversity of Victoria2000
GRANT, JacobFW Memorial University2000
GREEN, LukeCB St. Francis Xavier2002
GRIFFITH, TylerGKUniversity of Alberta2002
GUERRIERI, SebastianWMUniversity of Waterloo2000
HALL, FergusCBSaint Francis Xavier University2002
HAMAD, TareqRBCarleton University1997
HARGEST, MatthewLBMemorial University2001
HIDALGO-MAZZEI, AaronLB University of Saskatchewan1997
HO, MichaelRBMacEwan University2000
HONEYMAN-WOOTTON, QuinnDMCarleton University1998
HOOPER, DylanRM Thompson Rivers University1998
HORACE PATIENT, Sobze ZemoGK Laval University1993
HUSKIC, AdamCBUniversity of Calgary2000
IDRIZI, RilindCMUniversity of Alberta2000
JOHAL, ParmpreetAMUniversity of Guelph2001
KAFEERO, MosesRBCarleton University2001
KAISER, MarkusCMUniversity of British Columbia2001
KALLOGHLIAN, NareWMConcordia University1999
KENNEDY, JackRBSaint Francis Xavier University1999
KERR, SterlingGKMount Royal University2000
KILBRIDE, CameronCMCape Breton University2002
KOBZA, ErykDMUniversity of Calgary2001
LAMONT, AdynCB University of Alberta2002
LEFEVRE, LohanCMUniversity of Montreal2000
LIEBICH, NiklasCMMount Royal University2001
LORENC-CLARKE, ElijahWMOntario Tech University2000
LYN, RaineCM Cape Breton University2001
LYNCH, CianFWCape Breton University1999
MALHI, HarkiratLBUniversity of Alberta2000
MANSARAY, LahaiFWUniversity of Alberta1997
MARCECA, NunzioRBLaurentian University2000
MARQUES, MateoCMOntario Tech University1999
MARTIN, KaiRBRyerson university2000
MARTINEZ, LuisAMUniversity of Alberta2002
MARZOUK, OmarWMYork University1998
MATTILA, MatthewGK Ontario Tech University1999
MAY, AlexGKBrock University1999
MAZAHERI, Alvin PedersenFW MacEwan University2001
MAZZOTTA, ScottWM Carleton University1999
MCKAY, BennettGK University of British Columbia2002
MELLO, MatheusAMUniversity of Waterloo2002
MENARD, JeremyFWLaval University1999
MERCER, ColbyWM Mount Allison University2003
METO, AlbanCBCarleton University2000
MILAMBO, IssacWMMacEwan University2003
MINERS, RyanGK Nipissing University2000
MOHAMMED, AhmedFWUniversity of Saskatchewan1999
MOHASAR, HasanCB arleton University1995
MONTAGILANI, GiulianoDMUBC Okanagan2001
MONTEIRO, MatthewCBMcMaster University1998
MORTAS, PaulLBUniversity of Montreal2000
MULDER, TyroneFWWestern University1998
MUNRO, AustinFBNipissing University2001
NAFAR, Mohammad RezaAMConcordia University1996
NKOGHE, TristanFW University of British Columbia1997
O’BRIEN, MitchellCMCarleton University1994
OLANIYI, AfeezFW University of Calgary1994
OLATOYE, SojiWMYork University1999
ONYEJELEM, GarryWMUniversity of Alberta2000
PABLA, JaytinRBYork University2001
PALMER, RachaunRBYork University1997
PARKER, AdamWM University of Alberta2000
PATINO, CarlosAMUniversity of Alberta1995
PAUMIER, QuentinAMUniversity of Montreal1998
PERRAS, MasonGKMacEwan University2000
PHELPS, AnthonyAMConcordia University2000
PHELPS, BrandonRBConcordia University2002
PLENZIK, GianmarcoCMUniversity of Calgary2002
POPOOLA, RaqeebFWUniversity of Alberta2002
POTTER, KyleGKCarleton University2000
RAFISAMII, DanialCMOntario Tech University2001
RAGAGNIN, LucaCBBrock University2000
RENNIE, DylanWMUniversity of Guelph1999
RICCI, LucaCM University of Montreal1998
RINALDI, JonathanCMThompson Rivers University2002
ROGOZINSKI, CadenCBMount Royal University2002
ROSENLUND, MikkelCBThompson Rivers University2000
ROSSI, ChristianFWTrinity Western University2002
RUSHENAS, AidenGKDalhousie2003
SAGNO, DanielRB Thompson Rivers University1998
SATTO, DylanCMUniversity of Windsor1999
SCHAEFER, DavidFWMount Royal University1999
SHUMBUSHO, VictoryWMUniversity of British Columbia1998
SIEGEL, MarcRBLaval University2000
SILWAMBA, YeshuaGKTrinity Western University2002
SINGH, SukhmanGKUniversity of Northern British Columbia1997
SMITH-DOYLE, GarethFWUniversity of Calgary2002
SOUALEM, DoryanCBLaval University2000
STOLAR, AnthonyLBCape Breton University2003
SYLLA, MohamadouCMUniversity of Montreal1995
TAKACS, GrantFW University of New Brunswick1999
TORRESAN, BrandonCMTrinity Western University2003
TORRESAN, TristanCMTrinity Western University2001
TUCK, AidanCMUBC Okanagan2000
TZIMAS, GeorgeGK York University2000
VERONES, JordanCBUniversity of Saskatchewan1999
VILFORT, JadonCB  York University2000
VILLENEUVE, OlivierRBLaval University2001
WALCZAK, MarekGKUniversity of Guelph2000
WATSON, JamieRB Cape Breton University1999
WHIBLEY, IanFWUniversity of Victoria1997
WILLIAMS, DanielWM Cape Breton University1998
YARDE, JustinWMOntario Tech University2001
YASSIN, RakanWM Macewan University2000
 YILDIZ, Ali DMMacEwan University2004
 ZORBAS, Perry FBUniversity of Waterloo2000

Some U SPORTS all-stars that fans might want to take a look at include Quentin Paumier, Ricky Comba, and Tareq Hamad, while 2021 U SPORTS all-star Frank Essome-Penda might attract a trial offer despite not being present in the draft.

It’s also worth noting that the initial draft list published by U SPORTS included Matteo de Brienne, but an update quickly removed the highly-touted youngster. It is expected that he has already inked a professional contract.

Fans interested in watching the draft live can tune in to it at 8:00PM next Thursday. The digital-only event will be hosted by Kristian Jack, and it’ll be streamed on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and the official CanPL.ca website.

2021 Holiday Garven Metusala

The unique partnership between the CPL and U SPORTS allows for student-athletes to gain professional experience without losing their eligibility for U SPORTS competition. Last year’s draft saw the likes of Stefan Karajovanovic and Garven Metusala turn those U SPORTS opportunities into fully-fledged professional contracts, too.

Clubs who had handed a player a developmental deal in the previous draft have the option to retain them in the current draft, so Wanderers fans wondering where Kareem Sow is can likely breath a sigh of relief. However, a list of any possible player retentions was not disclosed by the league.

While we’ll have to wait to see which sixteen players will ultimately earn trial initiations through the 2022 CPL-U SPORTS Draft, it’s good to know that the list of eligible players runs deep.

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