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The 2023 CPL Season Schedule Is Coming

By on January 26, 2023 0 1492 Views

The Canadian Premier League has confirmed that the schedule for its fifth season will be released on Monday, January 30, 2023.

The 2023 CPL season will see eight teams contest for glory in a regular season, where the top-placed team of those standings will now earn a trophy, monetary prize, and qualification to the Concacaf Champions League.

The playoff period – in a date range still to be revealed – will then see the championship victor hoist the North Star Shield, a feat Forge has completed three times and Pacific once. So too will that victor earn Champions League qualification.

Ahead of Monday’s release of the regular season schedule, the league will be revealing the opening week schedule tomorrow, giving fans both a confirmation of the league’s start date and ample time to prepare their own schedules.

We’re hearing that the opening weekend will be based around the weekend of April 15.

To celebrate the occasion of the Canadian Premier League’s fifth season, the league has also unveiled an anniversary logo, too:

“We are excited to unveil a distinct logo in celebration of our fifth season in 2023,” said league commissioner Mark Noonan “Reaching the five-year mark for any professional sports league is an important milestone to acknowledge as it recognizes the hard work of all our stakeholders, especially the supporters who understand the vital importance of having a strong Canadian domestic league.”

“While taking a moment to celebrate this achievement, we understand our journey is just getting started and much work remains to achieve our dreams as a League and sport.”

Forge FC David Choiniere
Photo Credit: John Jacques

The 2023 Canadian Premier League season will see clubs embark under an increased salary cap budget, with the league set to undergo negotiations for a historic and first-ever collective bargaining agreement with PFA Canada, too.

The Canadian Premier League currently hosts eight teams, but they’ll take a different shape than the previous season: the league made the decision to terminate the ownerless FC Edmonton last November, with Vancouver FC now launching to keep the league at an even number.

With the 2023 Canadian Championship kicking off with its earliest start date ever, it’ll be interesting to see how the regular season schedule for the Canadian Premier League takes shape. Whatever happens, fans won’t have long to wait until all is revealed.

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