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2023 Canadian Premier League Roster Tracker

2023 CPL Roster Tracker

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With all eight Canadian Premier League teams rapidly trying to flesh out their rosters ahead of the 2023 CPL season, we thought it might be nice to list all the current rosters in one spot.

On each team list you’ll find each club’s confirmed roster to date, and below that is a list of players awaiting contract updates, and confirmed departures. You can click their status to find the relevant articles.

Mobile viewers may need to rotate their phones to get the full view! We’re sorting out some kinks.

Latest Update: April 17, 2023

York United Adds Noah Abatneh

Atletico Ottawa

GKNathan InghamNo changeDomestic
GKSean MelvinRe-signedDomestic
DFAboubakary SackoFree Transfer From Le HavreInternationalInternational
DFDiego EspejoLoan renewedInternational
DFKarl OuimetteFree transfer from Indy ElevenDomesticDomestic
DFLuke SinghLoan from Toronto FCDomestic (loan)
DFMacDonald NibaNo changeDomestic
DFMaxim TissotRe-signedDomestic
DFMiguel AcostaNo changeInternationalClub option
DFZachary RoyNo changeDomesticClub option
MFCarl HaworthNo changeDomestic
MFGabriel AntinoroFree transfer from CF MontrealDomesticDomestic
MFJean-Aniel AssiLoan from CF MontrealDomestic (loan)
MFNoah VerhoevenFree transfer from York UnitedDomesticDomestic
MFOllie BassettNo changeInternationalClub option
MFZach VerhovenNo changeDomesticClub option
MFZakaria BahousNo changeDomesticClub Option
FWGianni Dos SantosFree transfer from Pacific FCInternationalInternational
FWMalcolm ShawNo changeDomesticClub option
FWSamuel SalterTransfer from HalifaxDomesticDomesticClub option
The Players below this marker have no public contract updates thus far.
MFJunior AgyekumDraft selection
FWMohamed BouzidiDraft selection
The players below this marker have left the club.
DFDrew BeckieRetired
DFSergio CamusLoan ended
DFIvan PerezFree transfer to Mar Menor FC
MFAbdoul SissokoFree transfer to Qadsia SC
MFBen McKendryAnnounced departure
MFChris MannellaAnnounced departure
MFKeven AlemanAnnounced departure
MFOwen AntoniukLoan ended
FWBallou TablaTransfer to Manisa FK
FWBrian WrightFree transfer to York United
FWVladimir MoragregaLoan ended

Roster Size: 20/23
Domestic U-21 Requirement: 2/3 (Gabriel Antinoro, Jean-Aniel Assi, Zachary Roy)
Internationals: 5/7 (Aboubakary Sacko, Diego Espejo, Gianni Dos Santos, Miguel Acosta, Ollie Bassett)
Active Rumours: None.

Cavalry FC

GKJoseph HollidayFree transfer from FC EdmontonDomestic (Developmental)
GKMarco CarducciRe-SignedDomesticDomesticDomestic
GKSterling KerrFree transferDomestic (U SPORTS)
DFCallum MontgomeryFree Transfer from MNU2Domestic (unclear length)
DFDaan KlompNo changeInternationalClub option
DFFraser AirdNo changeDomesticClub option
DFRoberto AlarconNo changeInternational
DFUdoka ChimaFree transfer from QOTSInternationalInternationalClub option
MFJesse DaleyFree transfer from Brisbane RoarInternationalInternationalClub Optioin
MFCharlie TraffordNo changeDomestic
MFBen FiskNo changeDomesticClub option
MFGoteh NtigneeRe-signedDomesticClub option
MFJose EscalanteNo changeInternationalClub option
MFSergio CamargoRe-signedDomesticDomestic
MFShamit ShomeFree transfer from FC EdmontonDomesticDomesticClub option
FWAli MusseRe-signedDomesticDomesticClub option
FWGareth Smith-DoyleRe-signedDomesticClub option
FWJoe MasonRe-signedInternational
FWMikael CantaveNo changeDomestic
FWMyer BevanRe-signedDomesticDomesicClub option
The Players below this marker have no public contract updates thus far.
DFEryk KobzaDraft selection
MFWilliam OmoreniyeDraft selection
The players below this marker have left the club.
GKJulian RoloffTransfer to FC Koln
DFBradley VlietFree transfer to Pacific FC
DFDavid Norman JrAnnounced departure
DFMason TraffordRetired
DFTom FieldAnnounced departure
DFKarifa YaoLoan ended
MFElijah AdekugbeSigned with York United
MFElliot SimmonsFree transfer to Vancouver FC
MFJean-Aniel AssiLoan ended
MFJoseph Di ChiaraAnnounced departure
MFMarkus KaiserDraft rights retained
FWAnthony NovakFree transfer to Valour

Roster Size: 18/23
Domestic U-21 Requirement: 3/3 (Goteh Ntignee, Gareth Smith-Doyle, Joseph Holliday)

Internationals: 6/7 (Daan Klomp, Joe Mason, Roberto Alarcon, Jesse Daley, Jose Escalante, Udoka Chima)
Active Rumours: None.

Halifax Wanderers

GKAiden RushenasU SPORTS Draft SigningDomestic (U SPORTS)
GKYann FillionFree transfer from IFK MariehamnDomesticDomestic
DFCale LoughreyFree transfer from Forge FCDomesticClub optionClub option
DFCristian CampagnaNo changeDomesticClub option
DFDaniel NimickFree transferDomesticClub option
DFJake RubyRe-SignedDomesticClub optionClub option
DFMohamed OmarRe-SignedDomestic
DFRiley FerrazzoFree transfer from Vaughan AzzurriDomesticClub optionClub option
DFRyan JamesFree transfer from Birmingham LegionDomesticClub option
DFZachary FernandezRe-SignedDomesticDomestic
MFAidan DanielsRe-SignedDomesticClub optionClub option
MFAndre RempersadRe-SignedInternationalInternationalClub option
MFArmaan WilsonFree transfer From Woodbridge StrikersDomesticClub option
MFCallum WatsonFree transferInternationalClub option
MFFumpa MwandweNo changeInternationalClub option
MFJoao MorelliNo changeInternational
MFTomas GiraldoFree transfer from CF MontrealDomesticClub optionClub option
MFLorenzo CallegariFree transfer from FC ChamblyInternationalClub option
MFWesley TimoteoRe-SignedDomesticDomesticClub option
FWKosi NwafornsoFree transfer from Vaughan AzzurriInternationalClub optionClub option
FWLudwig Kojo AmlaNo changeDomesticClub option
FWMassimo FerrinFree transfer from Vaughan AzzurriDomesticDomesticClub option
FWTheo CollombFree transfer from WFC2InternationalClub option
FWTiago CoimbraFree transfer from PalmeirasDomesticDomesticClub Option
The Players below this marker have no public contract updates thus far.
DFAnthony StolarDraft selection
DFGabriel EscobarNo changeClub option
MFCJ SmithUnknown
MFRyan RobinsonNo changeClub option
The players below this marker have left the club.
GKChristian OxnerAnnounced departure
GKKeiran BaskettFree transfer to Pacific FC
DFColin GanderAnnounced departure
DFKareem SowDraft rights retained.
DFPeter SchaaleAnnounced departure
DFMateo RestrepoRetired
DFObeng TabiAnnounced departure
DFOusman MahesheConfirmed departure
DFEriks SantosAnnounced departure
MFCory BentAnnounced departure
MFJeremy Gagnon-LapareFree transfer to York United
MFMarcello PolisiFree transfer to Valour
MFPierre LamotheFree transfer to Pacific
FWAkeem GarciaRetired
FWAlex MarshallAnnounced departure
FWMour SambAnnounced departure
FWSamuel SalterTransfer to Atletico Ottawa

Roster Size: 23/23
Domestic U-21 Requirement: 4/3 (Aiden Rushenas, Armaan Wilson, Tiago Coimbra, Tomas Giraldo)

Internationals: 5/7 (Andre Rampersad, Callum Watson, Fumpa Mwandwe, Joao Morelli, Lorenzo Callegari, Theo Collomb)
Active Rumours: None.

Pacific FC

GKEmil GazdovRe-SignedDomesticDomesticDomestic
GKKieran BaskettFree transfer from Halifax WanderersDomestic (unclear length)
DFAmer DidicRe-SignedDomestic
DFBradley VlietFree transfer from CavalryInternationalInternationalClub option
DFEric LajeunesseDraft PickDomestic (U SPORTS)
DFGeorges MukumbilwaRe-SignedDomestic
DFKunle Dada-LukeRe-signedDomesticClub option
DFThomas Meilleur-GiguereRe-SignedDomestic
DFPaul AmedumeRe-SignedDomestic
MFCedric ToussaintRe-SignedDomestic
MFPierre LamotheFree transfer from HalifaxDomestic
MFManny AparicioRe-signedDomestic
MFSean YoungRe-SignedDomestic?Option
MFSteffen YeatesFree transfer from TFC2Domestic?unclear
FWAbdul BinateRe-SignedDomestic
FWAdonijah ReidFree transfer from Miami FCDomestic (unclear length)
FWAyman SelloufFree transfer from FC Utrecht International (unclear length)
FWDavid BrazaoFree transfer from SintrenseInternational
FWDjenairo DanielsRe-SignedInternational
FWEaston OngaroFree transfer from WFC2Domestic
FWKekutah MannehFree transfer
FWJosh HeardRe-SignedDomestic
The Players below this marker have no public contract updates thus far.
DFBrandon TorresanDraft selection
MFSimon TriantafillouOut-of-contract
The players below this marker have left the club.
GKCallum IrvingFree transfer to Vancouver FC
DFAbdou SamakeFree transfer to Valour FC
DFNathan MavilaAnnounced departure
DFJamar DixonRetired
DFJordan HaynesFree transfer to Valour FC
MFBicou BisaintheFree transfer to Haiphong FC
MFMatthew BaldisimoFree transfer to York United
MFMatteo PolisiAnnounced departure
MFMarco BustosFree transfer to IFK Varnamo
MFUmaro BaldeAnnounced departure
MFLuca RicciDraft rights retained
FWGianni Dos SantosAnnounced departure
FWJordan BrownAnnounced departure
FWKamron HabibullahLoan Ended

Roster Size: 20/23
Domestic U-21 Requirement:
3/3 (Emil Gazdov, Paul Amedume, Abdul Binate)
Internationals: 3/7 (Ayman Sellouf, Bradley Vliet, Djenairo Daniels)
Active Rumours: None.

Forge FC

GKChristopher KalongoRe-signedDomestic
GKTriston HenryRe-signedDomestic - unclear multi-year contract length.
DFAbdulmalik Owolabi-BelewuNo changeDomestic - unclear contract length.
DFAshone MorganRe-SignedDomestic - unclear contract length.
DFDominic SamuelNo changeDomestic - unclear contract length.
DFGarven MetusalaNo changeDomestic - unclear contract length.
DFMalcolm DuncanFree transferDomestic - unclear contract length
DFManjrekar JamesFree transfer from Chornomorets OdesaDomestic (unclear contract length)
DFRezart RamaNo changeInternational - unclear contract length.
MFAboubacar SissokoNo changeDomestic - unclear contract length.
MFAlessandro HojabrpourNo changeDomestic - unclear contract length.
MFAlexander Achinioti-JonssonNo changeInternational - unclear contract length.
MFKhadim KaneFree transferDomestic - unclear contract length.
MFKwasi PokuNo changeDomestic - unclear contract length.
MFKyle BekkerRe-signedDomesticDomestic
MFNoah JensenNo changeDomestic - unclear contract length.
MFSebastian CastelloNo changeDomestic - unclear contract length.
FWDavid ChoiniereRe-signedDomestic - unclear contract length.
FWJordan HamiltonNo changeDomestic - unclear contract length.
FWTristan BorgesNo changeDomestic - unclear contract length.
FWTerran CampbellNo changeDomestic - unclear contract length.
FWWoobens PaciusRe-signedDomestic - unclear contract length.
The Players below this marker have no public contract updates thus far.
GKDino BontisOut-of-contract
DFMilo DjuricicDraft selection
FWEmery WelshmanOut-of-contract
FWChris NancoOut-of-contract
FWMiles GreenDraft selection
The players below this marker have left the club.
DFCale LoughreyFree transfer to Halifax Wanderers
DFDaniel KrutzenPlayer announced departure
DFJonathan GrantFree transfer to York United
MFShamit ShomeFree transfer to Cavalry FC
FWOmar BrowneLoan cancelled

Roster Size: 22/23
Domestic U-21 Requirement: 3/3 (Khadim Kane, Kwasi Poku, Sebastian Castello)

Internationals: 1/7 (Rezart Rama)
Active Rumours: Welshman Stews Future Move, Kwasi Poku Trialing With BK Hacken

York United

GKNiko GiantsopoulosRe-SignedDomestic
GKEleias HimarasRe-SignedDomesticClub option
DFBrem SoumaoroFree transfer from PAEEKInternationalClub optionClub option
DFClement BayihaTransfer from HamKamDomesticDomestic
DFJonathan GrantFree transfer from Forge FCDomestic
DFLassana FayeFree transferInternationalClub option
DFNoah AbatnehFree transfer from Lazio AcademyDomesticClub option
DFParis GeeRe-signedDomesticClub option
DFRoger ThompsonNo changeDomesticClub option
DFTass MourdoukoutasNo changeInternational
MFElijah AdekugbeFree transfer from CavalryDomesticClub Option
MFJeremy Gagnon-LapareFree transfer from HalifaxDomesticDomestic
MFMatthew BaldisimoFree transfer from Pacific FCDomesticClub option
MFMarkiyan VoytsekhovskyyFree transfer from ProStars FCDomesticDomesticClub option
MFMax FerrariNo changeDomesticDomestic
MFOussama AlouFree transfer from FC UtretchInternationalClub optionClub option
MFMichael PetrassoRe-signedDomestic
MFMolham BabouliNo changeDomesticDomestic
FWAustin RicciRe-signedDomesticClub option
FWBrian WrightFree transfer from Atletico OttawaDomesticDomestic
FWKevin Dos SantosNo changeInternational
FWOsaze De RosarioRe-signedDomesticDomestic
FWRonan KrattLoaned to Werder Bremen Domestic (out on loan)Domestic (out on loan)
FWTheo AfeworkFree Transfer From FC NurnbergDomesticDomesticClub option
The Players below this marker have no public contract updates thus far.
MFChristopher CampoliDraft selection
MFTrivine EspritDraft selection
The players below this marker have left the club.
DFChrisnovic N'saAnnounced departure
DFDominick ZatorFree transfer to Korona Kielce
DFEduardo JesusAnnounced departure
DFFelix N'saAnnounced departure
DFWilliam WallaceAnnounced departure
MFAzriel GonzalezAnnounced departure
MFIsaiah JohnstonSold to Huntsville City FC
MFJordan WilsonAnnounced retirement
MFMateo HernandezTransfer to CD Real Tomayapo
MFNoah VerhoevenFree transfer to Atletico Ottawa
MFSebastian GutierrezAnnounced departure
FWLisandro CabreraAnnounced departure
FWLuis Lawrie-LattanzioAnnounced departure
FWMamadou KaneTransferred to Vancouver FC
FWMartin GraiciarAnnounced departure
FWOliver MinatelRetired
FWTobias WarschewskiAnnounced departure

Roster Size: 24/23 (one less if accounting for Ronan Kratt being out on loan)
Domestic U-21 Requirement:
4/3 (Eleias Himaras, Markiyan Voytsekhovskyy, Noah Abatneh, Theo Afework)
Internationals: 5/7 (Brem Soumaoro, Kevin Dos Santos, Lassana Faye, Oussama Alou, Tass Mourdoukoutas)

Active Rumours: Warschewski To Rot-Weiss Eissen

Valour FC

GKJordan TisseurU SPORTS PlayerDomestic (U SPORTS)
GKRayane YesliRe-SignedDomestic
DFAbdou SamakeFree transfer from Pacific FCDomestic
DFAndrew Jean-BaptisteRe-SignedInternational
DFAndy BaqueroRe-SignedDomestic
DFEskander MzoughiFree transfer from Oud-Heverlee LeuvenDomestic (unclear contract length)
DFGuillaume PianelliDraft selectionDomestic (U SPORTS)
DFJordan HaynesFree transfer from Pacific FCDomesticDomestic
DFKlaidi CelaFree transfer from Vaughan AzzurriDomestic (unknown contract length)
MFDante CampbellFree transfer from LA Galaxy IIDomestic (unclear contract length)
MFDiego GutierrezRe-SignedDomestic
MFJuan Pablo SanchezFree transfer from SC SalgueirosDomestic (unclear contract length)
MFKevin RendonRe-SignedInternational
MFMarcello PolisiFree transfer from HalifaxDomestic
MFRaphael OhinRe-SignedDomestic
FWJaime SiajFree transfer from Finn HarpsInternational (unclear length)
FWJared UlloaFree transfer from Cusco FCDomestic (unclear length)
FWAnthony NovakFree transfer from Cavalry FCDomestic (unclear contract length)
FWMatteo de BrienneRe-SignedDomestic
FWPacifique NiyongabireFree transfer from Perth GloryInternational
FWWalter PonceRe-SignedInternational
FWKian WilliamsFree transfer from KeflavikInternational
The Players below this marker have no public contract updates thus far.
DFSamuel LaplanteDraft selection
MFDaryl FordyceOut-of-contractClub Option
MFTony MikhaelOut-of-contractClub Option
MFJonathan EsparzaOut-of-contractClub Option
The players below this marker have left the club.
GKJonathan SiroisLoan ended
DFBrett LevisFree transfer to FC Tulsa
DFRocco RomeoFree transfer to Vancouver FC
DFStefan CebaraAnnounced departure
DFFederico PenaAnnounced departure
DFNassim MekidecheFree transfer to SKC II
MFAlessandro RiggiAnnounced departure
MFMatthew CatavoloTransfer to Toronto FC II
MFSean ReaLoan ended
MFJacob CarlosDraft rights retained
FWDaniel AscanioLoan ended
FWBilly ForbesLoan ended
FWMoses DyerFree transfer to FC Tulsa
DFMatthew ChandlerFree transferDomestic

Roster Size: 21/23*
Domestic U-21 Requirement: 4/3 (Eskander Mzoughi, Jared Ulloa, Juan Pablo Sanchez, Matteo de Brienne)
Internationals: 6/7 (Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Jaime Siaj, Kevin Rendon, Kian Williams, Pacifique Niyongabire
, Walter Ponce)
Active Rumours: None
*two U SPORTS athletes

Vancouver FC

GKCallum IrvingFree transfer from Pacific FCDomestic (unknown contract structure)
GKJeremy ZielinksiFree transferDomestic (unknown contract length)
DFAnthony WhiteDraft selectionDomesticDomesticClub option
DFEugene MartinezFree transferInternational (unknown contract length)
DFIbrahim BakareFree transfer from Cheshunt FCInternational (unknown contract length)
DFKadin ChungFree transfer from Toronto FCDomestic (unknown contract length)
DFKahlil John-WentworthFree transfer from SCRFCDomestic (unknown contract structure)
DFMarcus SimmonsFree transfer from FC EdmontonDomestic (unknown contract structure)
DFRocco RomeoFree transfer from Valour FCDomestic (unknown contract structure)
DFTyler CrawfordFree transferDomestic (unknown contract structure)
MFCristian MaresLoan from Club PueblaInternational (loan)
MFElliot SimmonsFree transfer from CavalryDomestic (unknown contract structure)
MFMael HenryFree transfer from CF Montreal U-23
MFMin-jae KwakFree transfer from Syracuse PulseInternational (unknown contract length)
MFNicky GyimahFree transfer from SunderlandInternational (unknown contract length)
MFNima Moazeni ZadehFree transferDomestic (unknown contract length)
FWAmeer KinaniDraft selectionDomestic (U SPORTS)
FWGabriel BitarFree transfer from FC EdmontonDomestic (unknown contract structure)
FWMamadou KaneTransfered from York UnitedDomestic (unknown contract structure)
FWNathaniel St. LouisFree transferDomestic (unknown contract structure)
FWShaan HundalFree transfer from Inter Miami FC IIDomestic (unknown contract structure)
The Players below this marker have no public contract updates thus far.

Roster Size: 21/23
Domestic U-21 Requirement: 3/3 (Anthony White, Mamadou Kane, Tyler Crawford)
Internationals: 6/7 (Cristian Mares, Eugene ‘Pele’ Martinez, Gael Sandoval, Ibrahim Bakare, Min-jae Kwak, Nicky Gyimah)
Active Rumours: None

FC Edmonton

The players below this marker have left the club.
GKAndreas VaiklaLoan ended, out-of-contract with Toronto FC II
GKDarlington MurasiranwaFree agent
GKJoseph HollidayFree agent
DFBicou BissaintheFree transfer to Haiphong FC
DFFelix N'saLoan ended, released by York United
DFKelsey EgwuFree agent
DFLuke SinghNew loan to Atletico Ottawa
DFMalik SylvesterFree agent
DFNekhi WrightFree agent
DFNyal HigginsFree agent
DFTerique MohammedFree transfer to Lexington SC
DFT-Boy FayiaFree agent
DFWesley TimoteoLoan ended, re-signed with Halifax Wanderers
MFCale LoughreyLoan ended, free transfer to Halifax Wanderers
MFCJ SmithLoan ended, unclear if option picked up by Halifax
MFMasta KacherFree agent
MFSimon TriantafillouLoan ended, unclear if option picked up by Pacific
MFShamit ShomeFree transfer to Cavalry FC
FWAzriel GonzalezFree transfer to Las Vegas Lights
FWMamadi CamaraFree agent
FWMarcus SimmonsFree transfer to Vancouver FC
FWTobias WarschewskiLoan ended, option declined by York United
MFOusman MahesheReturned to university
FWGabriel BitarFree transfer to Vancouver FC
FWJulian UlbrichtLoan ended, York United transferred to Phonix Lubeck
FWMamadou KaneLoan ended, York United transferred to Vancouver FC

With FC Edmonton now folded, we wanted to track the club’s final roster to see where they land.

The 2023 Canadian Premier League season will be the league’s fifth, with an increased salary cap taking effect. Roster regulations can be found here.

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