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CF Montreal Kamara Chicago

CF Montreal Welcomes Familiar Face In Chicago Fire

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After the return of Wilfried Nancy and Rudy Camacho two weeks ago, CF Montreal welcomes Kei Kamara and the Chicago Fire on Saturday.

It’s pretty ironic that just weeks after welcoming their former head coach and number one center-back that CF Montreal welcomes another disgruntled player on Saturday night at Saputo Stadium.

Striker Kei Kamara, who was a breath of fresh air and brought his offensive prowess to Montreal, now returns with a Chicago Fire team that is three points away from tying them in the Eastern Conference standings.

“When you look at the standings it’s a very important match,” Losada said to the media at his press conference at Nutrilait Centre on Thursday morning.

“We know it’s a very important week with three big games, but I am sure we will be ready and we prepared well not just for Saturday but the entire week.”

After facing the Chicago Fire on Saturday night, it doesn’t get any easier as they will face the number one team in the east, FC Cincinnati, who have already clinched a playoff spot.

Another unfortunate incident was Matko Miljevic, who hadn’t played much recently, decided to enter an amateur league using a fake name and was suspended after getting into a physical fight with another player.

Losada confirmed the league is investigating the matter and until it finishes its investigation Miljevic will not be with the team. We also got an update on Romell Quioto for Saturday’s game.

“I don’t know, he practiced with the group but not completely. We will see if he can help us or if it’s too risky, and probably wait for the game on Wednesday.”

Losada was asked about Kei Kamara and what he thinks of the entire situation once again playing against a former player.

“It’s a regular game just like all the others and honestly it’s not going to change anything.”

Mathieu Choinieire was asked what needs to be done to improve at home after getting dominated and badly beaten by the Columbus Crew two weeks ago.

“Since we started the season we have a good record at home,” Choiniere responded. “I don’t see why it would change and our fans supported us since the beginning. For us, it stays a fortress and we want good results at home.”

“We need to be better defensively,” he added. “We can’t concede and we all need to work to avoid conceding goals.”

Choiniere was asked to give his take on what he expects and has seen from the Chicago Fire.

“They have good players up front that combine well but we are more focused on what we need to do to hurt them.”

He was also asked about the return of Kei Kamara and what needs to be done to stop him.

“We know he’s a good player and we know what he brings, but again we are focused on ourselves and what we need to do to beat them. We know emotion is involved, but we want to continue our playoff push.”

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