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  • June 19, 2024
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TrueNorthFoot: CPL Pitches CanChamp Format To Canada Soccer

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The 2024 Canadian Championship could take a different approach to its organization this year, according to TrueNorthFoot.

The football website reports that the Canadian Premier League has propose a format for the cup competition that is pending review from Canada Soccer, and it boasts some hefty changes: there’d be no draw, the first round would play out in May, and the CPL champion would get a bye, amongst other changes.

The first round of matches offered by the rumoured CPL proposal is as follows, though it should be noted that no pairings have a confirmed home or away team:

York United vs Simcoe County Rovers
Vancouver FC vs Victoria Highlanders
Halifax Wanderers vs CF Montreal
CS St-Laurent vs Toronto FC

These matchups were made with reduced travel strain in mind, though TrueNorthFoot states that it was still unclear who Atletico Ottawa, Cavalry, Pacific, or Valour would face in the proposal (though Valour would need to play away, given their stadium pitch installation), while the Vancouver Whitecaps (as the reigning cup champions) and Forge FC (as the reigning domestic league champions) would get a bye to the second round.

Forge FC Garven Metusala Tristan Borges
Photo Credit: John Jacques

Of course, this would certainly irk CF Montreal – last year’s runners-up – as the CPL’s alleged proposal replaces the cup runner-up bye with one for the CPL champion instead. With MLS teams reportedly not approving of this proposal, we can probably surmise where their biggest issue lies.

The lack of a live draw would also be a great shake-up from how the cup match-ups typically take shape.

TrueNorthFoot reports that the league has also pitched the idea of bringing two-legged match-ups back in for the second round, with the cup competition itself starting in May rather than the April start date fans saw last year.

Of course, nothing here is set in stone: TrueNorthFoot reports that the proposal made by the Canadian Premier League is still being reviewed by Canada Soccer.

It’s worth noting that the Canadian Premier League is owned by Canadian Soccer Business, who hold the broadcast and distribution rights to the Canadian Championship and are currently without a broadcaster, production team, or distributor for the match footage or any accompanying video production.

The internal stance of the CSB is positive that a solution will be in place when the matches of its properties kick off, though what shape the 2024 Canadian Championship ultimately takes place remains to be seen.

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