June 22, 2024
  • June 22, 2024
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Self-Inflicted Wounds Sink York United In Three-Nil Loss To Forge FC

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It is, perhaps, the most lopsided rivalry in Canadian Premier League history.

Forge FC put on a show against their 905 foes York United to finish with a dominant three-nil scoreline. Goals from Bekker, Borges, and Parra sealed the deal on a heated night which saw no less than eight yellow cards produced, most of them from a half-time scrimmage in the tunnel.

Bobby Smyrniotis had made four changes from the team who dropped their result against Atletico Ottawa, though the main factor of rest allowed his side to come out with a spring in their step. While visiting York United could match the tempo, it was cohesion where things fell apart for the visitors.

Kyle Bekker would open the scoring after York United failed to play out from the back. Wilting under a high press, goalkeeper Thomas Vincensini tried to dribble his way out of trouble but ended up passing a soft ball to the Forge captain, who buried an absolute gift and jumped to the colourful Pride corner flag in celebration.

It was only a matter of minutes before York United’s disconnect on the pitch would see them suffer a second disaster. Tristan Borges was left with plenty of anchorage on the right wing, darting inwards and – seeing himself free of bodies in the way – rifling a long range shot that flew beyond Vincensi and into the far right corner of the net.

That marked Borges’ third goal in seven league matches, with the Forge talisman also tallying four assists in CPL play. The fact that he was left alone at all was a loud alarm klaxon for York United’s defensive duties.

Half-time would see things come to a head out of the public’s eye as both sides came together in the tunnel, resulting in five yellow cards: Borges, Badibanga, Ricci, Abatneh, and Leon all went into the referee’s pocketbook.

The second half would see more backline woes for York United as Forge’s third came from a series of moments made far too easy: Borges floated in from the side and found fill-in forward Kwasi Poku in a big space, who’s quick pass saw Daniel Para completely unmarked on the flank. Once again, the Nine Stripes paid the price for leaving large swaths of their wing unprotected, and it was three-nil Forge.

Seeing the writing on the wall if things stayed as they were, interim head coach Mauro Eustaquio made a rare quadruple substitution which saw Halifax loanee Tomas Giraldo make his debut for the side. The tempo would slow down as the match progressed and the hosts made their own changes, but the damage was done at this point: Forge would see out the three-nil derby win in a comfortable manner.

The result comes just over a year since York United’s last win against their 905 Derby foes, which came through a 1-2 win in the hammer on May 31, 2023. Since that time, they’ve been outscored by Forge 16-4, losing all three of their derby bouts this season. In fact, in the last four games they’ve allowed three goals apiece, prior to which they suffered a four-nil loss to the Hamiltonians.

York United President Ricardo Pasquel said things wouldn’t be so happy for Forge in the years to come, though the status quo has only worsened in the first half-year of new ownership. It’s early days yet, but they’ll want to buck the directional trend.

The result comes amidst a difficult time for the visiting squad following the sacking of Martin Nash. For the moment, it remains to be seen who will replace interim head coach Mauro Eustaquio in the hotseat: Ricardo Pasquel has promised to have a replacement announced early into the week following the match, with Benjamin Mora rumours having cropped up.

Referee Mario Al-Ayass
York United will also get a fine for accruing over five yellow cards in one match. (Photo Credit: Denys Rudenko)

Outside of the technical area, York United also has a plethora in front office replacements to make. The owners let go of their VP of Ticketing and Hospitality before the season began and their Director of Retail and Merchandise last month, while other positions like the Chief Accountant and even their part-time social media employee have left with no replacement thus far – though they did bring in new marketing staffer Carlos Correa ahead of the season.

While York United remains in fifth for the moment, there’s evidently still a lot of work ahead for the Pasquels if York United is to produce a recipe for sustainable success both on and off the pitch. They’re in turbulent water at the moment, though this week’s biggest question will be who they’ve brought in as York United’s third-ever head coach.

Whoever that is, they won’t see a Forge FC match until August 22, though that match will prove a good litmus test for the club’s overall direction a few month’s into their tenure.

For Forge, last night’s result moves them up to third place as they return to winning ways in league play.

Header Image Photo Credit: Denys Rudenko

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