June 22, 2024
  • June 22, 2024
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The Wanderers Recap: Matchday 5 – No Pride

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It can be quite difficult to understand why teams fail. Whole industries are built to figure out this issue (although not typically in a sporting context). Even the richest teams in the world can fail to build successful teams; just look at Manchester United, the Dallas Cowboys, or the Los Angeles Lakers. 

If winning was easy, everybody would do it. 

Heartbreakingly, for so many fans, the Halifax Wanderers have fallen into the unenviable position of being in the dark about why the team is failing, while everyone from the outside can so clearly see what issues are causing the Wanderers to have such a steep and dangerous fall from grace. 

Criticism is not my strong suit; after all, I was never even remotely close to the level of athleticism that even the worst players in CPL history have. As paying fans, whether that be with cash or loyalty, there are a few things that you expect, the first of which is effort, the second of which is a commitment to the cause, and the third is pride. Unfortunately, I must criticize many players for failing the Wanderers faithful on all three of these requirements. 

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In terms of effort and commitment, you can flip to any moment when the Wanderers turned the ball over in the defensive third, giving Valour great opportunities to attack. Typically, when you turn the ball over in such a vulnerable position, you work with a ferocity that feels incessant. In contrast, today, the effort after a turnover seemed to be more like a jog and a handing off of responsibility, leaving the back line to scramble. This level of closing down players isn’t accepted at U-12 elite levels, let alone the professional levels. 

Additionally, all too often a Wanderers player would start the press, much like they did last season, and instead of having his teammates join the press (again, like last season), he would find himself chasing the ball all by himself, which for 99.9% of the time, is a fruitless experience. This, right here, the part in which there is a clear identity, yet not following through on it, is the lack of commitment to the cause. The player chasing the ball is not at fault, but the ones who are coasting through the match are. 

Of course, all three of these things can be lumped into one. Is there no pride in these players? Are they not looking back on their performances and thinking about what can be improved? That may seem like an obvious question, but there have been absolutely zero changes in terms of body language or effort this season. So, I have no reason to believe that these players believe that they are in the wrong. 

Wanderers fans don’t demand wins (although we like them); we demand effort, commitment to the badge, and pride. Barring a few players this weekend, it felt like a lot of these guys don’t care if they earn a professional contract next season.

Hopefully, they prove every person who criticizes them (including myself) wrong. 


(W/D/L): 0/1/4 (1 point)

Dead Last. Two points off of second-last, Valour FC.

Header Image Photo Credit: Trevor MacMillan / HFX Wanderers FC

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