June 18, 2024
  • June 18, 2024
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CPL Keeps Playoff Format Unchanged, Reveals 2024 Season Schedule

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The 2024 Canadian Premier League season schedule is here.

The sixth season of Canada’s top flight will run from April 13 to October 19, featuring 112 matches that will see all eight CPL teams face each opponent twice at home and twice on the road. The five-team playoff format introduced from last year will remain in place.

Those who want to skip this barrage of text and go straight to the live schedule can do so here. Our feelings won’t be hurt…mostly.

The season schedule sees the CPL test the waters with frequent weekday matches, with 22 of 28 matchweeks seeing at least one game unfold on a Thursday, Friday, or Monday evening. There’s only one Wednesday matchup in the season, so while the true ‘midweek’ matches are out, CPL fans should get used to penning in several weekday matches on their calendar.

The CPL will also see its first-ever School Day Match, with Forge’s home bout against Halifax on Tuesday, May 7 set to witness a flurry of students between Grades 6-12 at Tim Hortons Field at 11:00AM EST. Part of the league being experimental, we reckon.

The last round of the season will see all eight teams play on October 19 with the action coming simultaneously. With the level of parity seen in the league, the regular season finale could determine which clubs are locking the last playoff spots and which ones are ending their season on the day.

Halifax Wanderers Dan Nimick
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The league’s opening weekend was revealed ahead of today’s announcement, which now shows all 28 matches for each and every club. The winner of the regular season gets a trophy and a monetary prize equivalent to that of the playoff champion, though both will earn a berth in the 2025 Concacaf Champions Cup. Last season saw the CPL introduce new trophy designs for each.

With the 2025 Canadian Premier League season expected to have two more teams in the mix, this should be the last time the league runs a season with eight teams. Commissioner Mark Noonan hopes to mitigate travel costs with east and west conferences when it’s appropriate to do so, but for now the existing eight teams will enjoy an equal schedule from coast-to-coast.

The league has also announced that league sponsor WestJet is running a CPL-based discount with 15% off fares for travel between any CPL market during the 2024 CPL season (with a few caveats and black-out dates), though this offer only runs from today to January 30. Still, if fans are planning to travel for a game, that’s worth a look.

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