June 17, 2024
  • June 17, 2024
Vancouver FC Afshin Ghotbi

Vancouver FC and Cavalry Agree To Draft Order Trade

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In a league-first for the Canadian Premier League, two clubs have just agreed to trade draft selection spots ahead of the 2024 CPL-U SPORTS Draft.

The move sees Vancouver FC trade away its tenth overall selection from the second round to regular season champions Cavalry FC, who move well up in the order and will hand Vancouver their fifteenth-overall selection spot.

The trade includes ‘future considerations’ from Cavalry to Vancouver that were not further described by either side.

Both clubs have built strong reputations for youth player opportinities within their own camps: Cavalry has proven to be a developmental powerhouse, so it’ll be interesting to see what player they want badly enough to make a move for a higher second round allocation order.

Vancouver FC Anthony White
VFC selected defender Anthony White first overall last year, later signing him to a pro deal. (Photo Credit: Canadian Premier League)

On the other side of the coin, Ghotbi’s side led the league in domestic U-21 minutes with an astounding season tally of 5,203.

Stay tuned for coverage as the sixteen-player draft sees all eight Canadian Premier League sides hand a hearty few players (out of more than two hundred) trial opportunities at the professional level.

The 2024 CPL-U SPORTS Draft will take place this afternoon and can be streamed lived on the OneSoccer and CBC Sports YouTube channels.

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