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2023 Atletico Ottawa Alternate Kit Leak

Did Atletico Ottawa’s Alternate Kit Just Get Leaked?

By on March 30, 2023 0 1049 Views

In the span of 24 hours, Atletico Ottawa fans have gone from not hearing anything about their 2023 kits to seeing two brand new ones.

Yesterday saw the capital city club reveal its primary kit to season ticket holders through email, with a public release following this morning. At the same time, it looks like the club inadvertently posted their alternate threads in a now-deleted store listing, too.

Still, whatever is on the internet for a minute is likely there for eternity. Here’s the new, icy look that Atletico Ottawa will likely use as an alternate in 2023:

2023 Atletico Ottawa Alternate Kit Leak

The above kit was briefly available on Atletico Ottawa’s Instagram-based digital shop, though the listing was quickly removed when it was noticed by an eagle-eyed batch of fans.

Like the primary kit, the Atletico Ottawa alternate kit now boasts Maple Lodge Farms as a front-of-jersey sponsor, replacing former league partner ComeOn!, who made history as the first sports betting and casino company to hold a kit sponsorship in the CPL.

…though York United did have sports-betting casino chips you could acquire alcohol with back in 2019. What a time.

In the leaked image of the Ottawa’s suspected alternate kit we can also see that the sleeve will feature CIBC, who inked a multi-year partnership with the league and are the sleeve sponsor on every team save Vancouver FC, from whom they’re on the front of the jersey.

If the above image is legitimate – and it seems like it is – this will mark the second year that it seems Atletico Ottawa will use a blue secondary look, though the icy look is quite a divergence from the previous kit.

It would also make Atletico Ottawa the second Canadian Premier League team to see one of their 2023 kits leaked prior to release, with Pacific FC’s suspected primary threads showing up in Barcelona

Atletico Ottawa has yet to formally unveil its 2023 alternate kit thus far.

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