April 16, 2024
  • April 16, 2024

Veth: Amer Didic To Sign with Atletico Ottawa

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On Wednesday morning, Manuel Veth broke the news that Atletico Ottawa are set to finally sign former Pacific FC defender Amer Didic ahead of the 2024 CanPL Season.

As Veth reflects, Didic was rumoured to have favoured a move to Norway that we’ve confirmed was with Odds BK, with the defender even going so far as to travel there during the off-season.

With that move breaking down, however, the 29-year-old defender looks set to stay in the CPL Atletico Ottawa instead – a remarkable pickup for a side which already added players like Manny Aparicio, Aboubacar Sissoko, and Matteo de Brienne, amongst others.

The big defender was spotted training with Ottawa in their preseason camp down in Mexico, with photos also leaking the presence of others like Manny Aparicio and Luke Singh before their own signings were made official.

Considering that it was revealed that Aparicio had played with Ottawa in the closed door friendlies during that training camp before his own announcement, it would not be surprising for Didic to have been apart of the capital city club’s plans for 2024.

Veth reports that Didic has signed a one-year deal in the nation’s capital with a club option for 2025, though there is an agreement in place that the defender will be allowed to move to Norway if an appropriate offer comes through.

All CPL clubs confirmed their Master roster list ahead of the deadline yesterday, so if Didic was on that list, it is only a matter of time before the club release a statement.

This story also came out after the departure of Malcom Shaw from Ottawa, potentially pointing to a roster spot opened for Didic to fill.

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