June 19, 2024
  • June 19, 2024
League1 BC Trophy

A Big League1 BC Announcement Is Coming

By on August 9, 2023 0 1795 Views

UPDATE: Unity FC have since teased a big announcement, which makes them the prime suspect.

The grapevine has extended one of its branches to Northern Tribune, with multiple sources now indicating that one of the seven original League1 BC clubs is set to make a significant announcement this week.

The news is set to follow a stellar League1 BC Finals weekend that saw the Vancouver Whitecaps Academy claim the league championship on both the men’s and women’s sides, surpassing the Victoria Highlanders and Unity FC respectively.

The last League1BC offseason saw some massive developments with the introduction of the first-ever expansion team, along with Varsity FC’s sale and subsequent rebranding to Nautsa’mawt FC. While it’s unclear what’s in the works this time around, anything on a similar scale will mean exciting things for the 2024 League1 BC season.

Nautsa’mawt FC (left and right) came out strong with a new brand this season. (Photo Credit: Sarah Parker / @MatchOneMedia)

We can probably discount Nautsa’mawt as a contender for the news, along with the Whitecaps FC Academy given their MLS-owned status making any big changes unlikely. That leaves Altitude FC, Rivers FC, TSS Rovers, Victoria Highlanders, and Unity FC as the remaining OG league suspects to have cooked up a big announcement.

Whatever is truly coming, we’ve heard that the news is set to drop this week, so the news will come well ahead of the third-ever League1 BC season. With British Columbia’s semi-pro league already producing several talents who have turned pro, we’re excited to see how one club’s big announcement can shake up the league.

While the season may be wrapped, fans still keen to catch League1 BC clubs in action can still do catch the Women’s Inter-Provincial Championship in Langley this weekend. Two L1BC teams will participate as the host province’s champions and runners-up, which means the Whitecaps FC Girls Elite and Unity FC are in, alongside Ontario and Quebec’s respective champions, Alliance United and PEF Quebec.

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