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Canada Looks To Finish The Job Against Jamaica

By on September 25, 2023 0 973 Views

Canada will once again have a meaningful game at BMO Field in Toronto, and it’s been a while since March 2022 – when the men beat Jamaica to qualify for the FIFA Men’s World Cup in Qatar.

“Our mindset is that we have to enter the game on a positive note”, Priestman whispered after confirming to the media she had lost her voice after yelling for three days.

“We have a few tricks up our sleeve. We need to build on the first performance. We were happy, but there are areas where we need to improve and our focus is taking that step forward.”

I was able to ask Adriana Leon, who also attended the MD-1 press conference and did a great job answering most of the questions, about the physical aspect of her game.

“I think that was the state of the game,” Leon told me. “Jamaica is quite a physical team, especially towards the end of the game. We are expecting them to be more physical tomorrow night.”

Canada Adriana Leon
Photo Credit: Audrey Magny

Currently, Canada is in a good position up 2-0 with two away goals and Jamaica needs to score two just to push the game into extra time and potentially penalty kicks.

“It’s exciting that we get to play at home…we don’t get the chance to do it too often, and we are looking forward to the game tomorrow.”

The game at BMO Field has been sold out and, again, the last time it was sold out was the men’s game against Jamaica where they booked their spot in Qatar.

Leon answered for Priestman what she feels needs to be cleaned up ahead of the big game.

“We talked as a team defensively, and we left gaps all over the pitch. We need to tighten up as a unit and bring that physicality. We need to be more clinical in the attack.”

Leon also spoke about the formation switch that seemed to do wonders for them and completely threw off a Jamaican side, who looked surprised at the tactical change-up.

“What we learned from the World Cup is we needed to change something, and that’s what the formation allowed. We knew we needed to be the best out there and that’s what we brought.”

Womens World Cup Canada Ireland
Photo Credit: Canada Soccer

Leon was also asked about the pressure of playing at home and keeping their emotions in check.

“That’s part of being professional and learning how to deal with it and just remaining focused and more focused on the process, and just knowing that we need to get a result tomorrow night.”

I was able to ask Priestman about how excited the team is to play with a home crowd after playing in hostile territory in Australia and France.

“We are going to need that 12th player tomorrow because Jamaica will do anything to get to an Olympic games, and you need to match it. To have our fans right to the very end is going to be critical.”

Header Image Photo Credit: Audrey Magny

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