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All 2020 CPL Season Ticket Memberships To Include OneSoccer Subscription

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With the inaugural Canadian Premier League season now winding down, clubs are beginning to look towards 2020. On the pitch it means that players are fighting to keep their roster spots, and off the pitch it means that clubs are readying their 2020 season ticket package offerings.

The first year saw plenty of diversity in season ticket offerings, with some clubs bundling authentic home kits with season tickets, and others including the likes or personalized scarves and smaller add-ons. While it’s still unclear what each club will ultimately offer for fans picking up 2020 season tickets, one thing is now certain: every 2020 CPL season ticket will include a OneSoccer subscription, regardless of which CPL club one purchases their season ticket membership from.

The news was confirmed today through the official OneSoccer Twitter account, and while they’ve failed to deliver on promises before, one imagines that the streaming service’s closeness with the league means that things are locked in this time around.

The Halifax Wanderers season ticket offering for 2020 states that it includes fourteen regular home games, which seems to imply that the Canadian Premier League will have seven teams for the 2020 season, despite CPL comissioner David Clanachan hopeful for at least one new team come the new year. There’s a chance it could mean a more-balanced eight team schedule, but one would have expected the CPL to speak up prior to Halifax releasing the numbers if that was the case.

Tidings are positive that the third season will see the domestic league expand: Joe Belan has revealed that he’s aiming to launch a Saskatoon-based Canadian Premier League club in 2021, while former Canadian international Alex Bunbury has stated that it’s going to take time for his Montreal expansion bid to come to fruition, which implied that 2020 was a no-go.

Given that the streaming service only launched in the same week that the league kicked its first ball, it wasn’t a possibility to include such a subscription for the inaugural campaign. Now that OneSoccer has established itself (and aggressively expanded, no less), it makes sense to include it for 2020 season tickets on a league-wide basis.

The full details for each club’s 2020 season ticket membership offering have not been revealed yet. The second Canadian Premier League season will see each club sport brand new home and away kits, with the reigning champion – which will be either Cavalry FC or Forge FC – wearing a commemorative badge for the 2020 season.

Source: OneSoccer (via Twitter)

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