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Canadian Premier League 2022 Match Ball

Canadian Premier League Introduces New Match Ball Inspired By Northern Lights

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The Canadian Premier League is delivering a gorgeous official match ball for the 2022 CPL season in conjunction with its partnership with DERBYSTAR Canada.

This year will see the league’s new matchday ball take on a look inspired by the Northern Lights, with two nicely contrasting colour variants incorporating plenty of vibrancy that tie together with a pattern which references a ‘sky that embodies our limitless hopes and dreams’.

Canadian Premier League 2022 Match Ball

The 2022 CPL DERBYSTAR Match Ball features a textured surface, a zero-wing latex bladder for a lively bounce, and a 32-panel handstitched design.

“The DERBYSTAR BRILLANT APS is celebrated for its durability, consistency in flight, flexibility – even in wet conditions and at low temperatures,” said the league release.

The Canadian Premier League partnered with DERBYSTAR two years ago, when it revealed a 2020 matchday ball that has been a familiar sight over the last two seasons. The inaugural season saw the league utilize Nike Merlin balls.

The 2022 Canadian Premier League season is set to kick off this weekend. Fans will get their first look at the new match ball when York United hosts the Halifax Wanderers this Thursday.

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