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Canadian Premier League Black Lives Matter

Canadian Premier League Honours Black Lives Matter

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Much like many other professional sporting leagues around the world, the Canadian Premier League has taken a unified approach in response to the inequity and systemic injustices faced by the black community.

As Forge FC and Cavalry FC prepared to kick off the 2020 Canadian Premier League season, both teams – donned in pre-match Black Lives Matter shirts – took a knee in protest of the systemic injustices faced by members of the black community, which has justly become a focal talking around the world following the murder of George Floyd.

The league has confirmed that players will take a knee for each club’s first match, with the players being joined in the protest by all matchday officials and participants who are present in the stadium.

We are committed to taking action to work towards change and are focused on making a powerful impact on our community, helping to bring positive change and using our platform and our voice to support racial equality. We will listen and act on suggestions from our community on how to be a partner that combats racial injustice and continue to push for inclusiveness. The League and Clubs are united and committed to taking meaningful action.

Canadian Premier League

For the entirety of The Island Games tournament, each side will feature a Black Lives Matter insignia on the left sleeve of their home and away kits, with a digital BLM logo superimposed on the centre circle for the game’s opening minutes courtesy of league’s virtual stadium overlay provided by wTVision.

Canadian Premier League Virtual Stadium

The peaceful manner of protest has, sadly, found itself a point of contention among some sports fans. Yesterday saw FC Dallas booed by some fans in their own stadium after kneeling during the US national anthem, prompting a heavy response from Reggie Cannon.

With the Canadian Premier League mantra being ‘We Are Many, We Are One’, it would have been out-of-character for the league to not to take an official stance on the issue.

The CPL had a point of racial contention arise last year after Forge FC assistant coach Peter Reynders was alleged to have made racial remarks, with an independent investigator finally clearing the former KRC Genk coach earlier this week.

The Canadian Premier League has made sure to build itself around an inclusive identity, having previously celebrated pride month and put in early building blocks to grow the women’s game, too.

The 2020 Canadian Premier League season kicked off tonight with a match between Forge FC and Cavalry FC, a matchup that has quickly grown to be the league’s best rivalry. The other six Canadian Premier League sides will also take a knee in their opening match of the tournament.

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