July 20, 2024
  • July 20, 2024
Canadian Premier League Casual Friday

Casual Friday: A Belated Start To 2024 Edition

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Okay, I’ll admit: when I last published a Casual Friday, the world was a little different: Forge only had three championship titles, York United were ownerless, and a banana at Loblaws only cost a week’s salary.

Suffice to say, this is an overdue catch-up of some of the bits-and-bobs of CPL content I’ve stumbled upon throughout the last little while, which is also your warning to prepare for Christmas content. I am certified late to posting this.

So as we get started, here’s something more recent before I bring some things from the archives:

You Love To See The Local Support

You love to see city clubs band together: while Forge and the Ti-Cats work together aplenty, it’s really cool to see other cities get on the local-sporting-franchise-support train. That’s exactly what the Ottawa 67’s did when highlighting a stellar goal by Braeden Kressler, who showed some nifty footwork to make his goal.

At this rate, we wouldn’t be shocked if Kressler was spotting Mexico alongside Aparicio and Didic!

York Christmas Spirit

How long have I been sitting on this article, you ask? Well, here’s some Christmas content for you – an English household from Yorkshire has bought-in on their Canadian cousins, with the family enjoying some York United gear in addition to their haul of York City FC gear.

A friendly between those two sides would be the stuff of dreams, eh? For now, Nine Stripes fans will have to make do with, say, two Liga MX giants.

All Hail CPL Expansion Side Sharktopus FC

Hey, if the Seattle Kraken can make nautical horror branding work…

This announcement certainly raised my eyebrows on Instagram before the caption revealed that newly-formed side Sharktopus FC had joined the Cascadia Premier League, an elite amateur men’s and women’s soccer league in the Pacific Northwest…and not the Canadian Premier League.

Still, I don’t hate the branding. Winnipeg Windigos, anyone? Any takers for The Okanagan Ogopogos? No?

It Warms Your Heart

You love to see it: Cavalry head coach Tommy Wheeldon Jr. received a visit from his father ahead of their semi-final win over Pacific, but even before then the smiles at the father-and-son reunion were flowing.

Just look at the smiles on display there – if that doesn’t warm your heart, you’re certified Grinch. It wasn’t their only heartwarming photo of the visit, either.

Atletico Ottawa: Taking Ls For Halloween

Okay, that’s a pretty harsh headline…but come on, Drew! You’re setting it up! This is an image bound to go against you in the future.

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Vancouver FC’s new primary kit has taken flight online in a way nobody had expected – as a photoshopped Nigerian national team kit put forth by Footy Headlines, who got well over a quarter million social media engagements and probably don’t care about anything else.

The Eagle kit launched earlier this month and, unlike Canada’s newly-unveiled threads, was actually available for purchase at the time of reveal.

Champions of Runners-Up?

As spotted by True North Foot, 2022’s silver medalists got a medallion that…actually declared them champions. While it’s true that Atletico Ottawa did take the regular season, it was Forge who, uh, got the gold.

2023 saw the introduction of a regular season trophy, which playoff runners-up Cavalry did win. The league changed the silver medals for the final from ‘champions’ to ‘2023 League Final’, though…we suppose it’s the playoff final as opposed to the league? It’s…it’s confusing. But it’s definitely more accurate than saying ‘2023 champions’ for the playoff runner-up medals, too.

Ibarra: He Didn’t Care, And It Was Amazing To Watch

The case of Franco Ibarra’s disdain for Toronto FC is one for the ages. When the Atlanta United midfielder was due to be sent to TFC in a mid-season arrangement, he made it very public that he wanted nothing to do with Toronto:

“If I’m highly valued then send me to a better team, don’t send me to the worst team.” said Ibarra at the time. “I understand that this is a business, but send me to another team… It doesn’t benefit me at all from a football standpoint. It’s obvious where Toronto is at the moment versus Atlanta.”

With his loan eventually being cut short (surprise, surprise), Ibarra wasted little time in shedding himself of his TFC days. As we see above, he even moved quickly giving away all his club gear to friends. He made eight appearances with zero goals, which puts him on par with more than half of the club’s forwards last year…

Forging Fauna

While the Canadian Premier League DIY home gardening demographic is probably very, very niche…I guess I’m right smack dab in the middle of it.

Forge staffer Tomas Walker posted his Derbystar-turned-pot-plant on Twitter and I absolutely had to share the little guy. Okay, don’t look to closely at the top. Or the back.

Will The Real Smyrniotis Please Stand Up?

This one is dumb, but it made me laugh. Fear the beard!

Also, did you know that Bobby Smyrniotis used to unleash bicycle kicks in his Sigma coaching days? He says his time doing those is done, but maybe a fifth championship title will give him cause for one last time on the ol’ bike.

Together, From Aways

Halifax’s beloved privateer has gotten married! A hearty congratulations to Denton, who’s proposal took shape with the help of Wanderers head coach Patrice Gheisar under the guise of a trivia night. Patrice just can’t stop himself from helping create wonderful teams, can he?

To me, the only thing better than seeing a full-on privateer in the stands each week at Wanderers Grounds is the idea that we’ll now see a privateer and his fiance representing the team. Is she…is she gonna wear a pirate hat? I need to know!

I have no doubt I have missed an Amer Didic-sized pile of CPL jewels online that I’d have liked to share, but now that I’m caught up with a lil’ spring cleaning I’ll be more ready to add new things to the pile as I come across them. For now, I hope you enjoy these little bits of offbeat CPL (and CPL-adjacent) stuff!

I still can’t believe that the new season is less than a month away. As a poet named Bender once put it, let’s go already!

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