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CPL Invites Teams to Pour Their All Into New Trophy!

By on April 1, 2023 0 1058 Views

To acclaim and surprise, OneSoccer released the Canadian Premier League’s new trophy today – a beautiful gleaming golden jug, embossed with the League’s North Star logo! Designed by Mackay Cunningham in New Edinburgh, Ottawa, the new Jug is being hailed by players and managers across the league as one of the sporting world’s most beautiful trophies.

Thomas Steel, a three-time CanPL champion and Forge ambassador, told the Hamilton Spectator that he looked forward to adding a trophy he could see in the dark to their cabinet: “When you wake up at night for a drink of water, you can put your hand out in the dark and say, ‘wow, it has a handle!'”

And Jamar Dixon, a 2021 champion, says he would not have been prouder to win this trophy.

“No doubt about it, for a kid born in Ottawa, having a beautiful jug to pour you milk from makes all the difference!”

As for fans, they seem to be ready to make a quick adjustment to life with the jug. Not a surprise though, as trading a microwave plate for a jug or tea pot is only a matter of a few steps.

The Jog for the Jug begins in a few weeks, and all of Canada will be watching!

April Fools! The trophy was actually a fun tweet put out by OneSoccer – far from reality, it’s actually an AI-generated image. The North Star Shield will remain for the playoff champion, though we’re still waiting to see what trophy the regular season champions will lift this year.

It, uh, probably won’t be a jug though.


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