July 20, 2024
  • July 20, 2024
Canadian Premier League Derbystar Match Ball 2024-2025

First Look: The Canadian Premier League’s New Match Ball

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The Canadian Premier League is officially extending its partnership with DERBYSTAR Canada, and that means fans have now got a new match ball to watch for the next two seasons.

With the ball producer having first partnered up in 2020, this will extend DERBYSTAR Canada’s partnership with Canada’s top flight to a five year tally by 2025.

The new 2024/2025 match ball spells the end of the Northern Lights focus, with a striking red-and-white look paying clear homage to the Canadian flag with the introduction of a blended Maple Leaf and North Star emblem enigmatic of the Canadian Premier League’s own logo.

“We wanted a ball that was unmistakably Canadian, and I am pleased to say DERBYSTAR Canada delivered on that vision,” CPL and CSB Executive Vice President Glen Johnson. “This ball is an ode to the distinctive and ever-evolving soccer identity that we see developing from coast to coast, and this design represents this special Canadian soccer community every time a ball gets kicked over the course of our sixth and seventh seasons.”

Canadian Premier League Derbystar
Here’s our look at the match balls produced by Canadian Premier League’s partnership with DERBYSTAR Canada.

Much like its predecessor, the league’s new match ball will feature a textured surface and zero-wing latex bladder that adds impetus to lively bounces on the pitch. Using DERBYSTAR Canada’s Advance Performance System, each ball is handstitched with a 32-panel design and remains flexible in wet conditions and low temperatures – both of which are no stranger to Canada.

“We continue to proudly support the Canadian soccer community and are extremely excited to launch the new CPL Brilliant APS,” said DERBYSTAR Canada’s own Christina Stalteri. “The DERBYSTAR brand offers superior quality for players in topflight European leagues and our partnership brings the innovative products of the highest standards to the Canadian Premier League.”

The Canadian Premier League has looked quite happy with its DERBYSTAR Canada partnership, with only the league’s inaugural season in 2019 having seem them utilize another company. They used Nike Merlin balls back then, with DERBYSTAR Canada then stepping in afterwards to provide match and training balls ever since.

Canadian Premier League Derbystar Match Ball 2024-2025
Photo Credit: Canadian Premier League

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with DERBYSTAR Canada for another two seasons. From the technology behind the ball to the quality of the product to the innovative design, it is clear why DERBYSTAR is a leader in the industry,” concludes Glen Johnson.

While the balls have been unveiled today, it’s unclear if fans will get an early glimpse at them when Cavalry FC takes on Orlando City in continental action out west this Wednesday.

The 2024 Canadian Premier League season will officially kick off this April, marking the first year of DERBYSTAR Canada’s two-year extension with the new red-and-white look.

Header Image Photo Credit: Canadian Premier League

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