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Quebec Saint-Laurent Concept Logo

Fan Creates Concept Logo For Montreal CPL Team

By on May 12, 2019 0 3973 Views

With the Canadian Premier League off to a strong start, there’s been no shortage of news and rumours regarding the professional league’s potential expansion cities. While Joe Belan is testing the waters in Saskatchewan, the province of Quebec has seen plenty of activity regarding both Montreal and Quebec City.

Former Canadian international Alex Bunbury has been quite vocal about his intentions on bringing a team to the Montreal area, and this may have inspired Victoria-based graphic designer Xav Ouellette to design concept imaging for a fictional Saint-Laurent Canadian Premier League team.

While Alex Bunbury is hoping to establish a team located in the Laval area of Montreal, the 51-year-old former pro did confirm that his ownership group was also looking into alternative locations. By Bunbury’s estimates, they’re confident Montreal can sustain both a Major League Soccer and a Canadian Premier League franchise. As he puts it, a Canadian professional league should have at least one team in Quebec, if not two or three.

The concept logo for the fictional Quebec Saint-Laurent side is quite stylish, with the letter L also doubling as the shape of the Q, and a name that pays tribute to the greater geographic area akin to Paris Saint-Germain. It’s a pretty well thought-out logo, and on a whole Ouellette’s design delivers a very polished and presentable brand identity.

Ouellette is a designer in his twenties who hails from Victoria, British Columbia, though he has familial ties to Quebec through his parents. He’s produced plenty of Canadian Premier League design concepts, ranging from kits for each inaugural club to badges for a couple CPL supporters’ groups. If you’ve tuned in to any OneSoccer matches involving York9 or Pacific FC, chances are you’ve already seen his work.

If you’d like to see more of Xav’s Canadian Premier League concept imaging, you can take a look at his portfolio here.

Source: Xav Ouellette (via Reddit)

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