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Canadian Premier League North Star Cup

Aiming For The Stars: CPL Unveils North Star Cup

By on October 26, 2023 0 1986 Views

With the 2023 CPL Final now just two days away, the Canadian Premier League has formally unveiled the brand new trophy set to be awarded to the playoff champion. Entitled the North Star Cup, the league has swapped its shield-based playoff trophy for a twenty-two pounder of more significant stature.

The North Star Cup is made of sterling silver with gold leaf accents, and the foundation it rests upon is a thirteen-sided base – a number specifically chosen to represent the ten provinces and three territories which comprise Canada itself. The handles of the North Star Cup are hallmarked by a distinctive pointed polygonal diamond shape which gives a subtle nod to the Canadian maple leaf. Measuring an impressive 24 inches in height, the cup clocks in at 22 pounds heavy and holds a minimum of four pints.

Yes, the league release said a minimum, not a maximum – so pour the beer already, Mark.

Cavalry FC Tommy Wheeldon Jr
Photo Credit: Mike Sturk

This season also saw the league introduce the Canadian Premier League Shield for the regular season winners, with Cavalry FC ultimately hoisting that at ATCO Field. Also made of sterling silver with gold leaf accents, the toonie-esque regular season trophy has a now-familiar thirteen points along its outer edge which, like its sister trophy, represent all ten provinces and the three territories of Canada.

While Cavalry has won the latter, who will hoist the former remains to be seen: the 2023 CPL Final will take place in Hamilton this Saturday, with Forge going for their fourth title win in five years while Cavalry seek to prove they’ve finally broken their playoff curse.

Both the CPL Shield and the North Star Cup have been designed by EPICO Studios, where creative director Richard Levy has helped produce items like the Copa America Centenario, Concacaf’s Champions Cup, Gold Cup, and Nations League cup, and the MLS Cup itself – but tonight and this weekend, it’s the new Canadian addition that will have our eyes.

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