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Fan Makes Full CPL PES 2020 Modification

By on October 3, 2019 0 5926 Views

When one fan showed what Canadian Premier League clubs would look like in Pro Evolution Soccer last month, it was only a matter of time before someone put the burgeoning Canadian league into the videogame in full.

A Forge FC fan has just released a trailer for a fully-customized PES Canadian Premier League modification on Reddit, with the detailed mod including player kits, full rosters with customized player faces, proper rivalries, and more. The talented fan notes that while they took off the extra Macron logo on the shorts, players who use the modification will otherwise see something fairly authentic to what they see on OneSoccer.

Here’s a look at the trailer for the CPL PES modification:

Pro Evolution Soccer gamers who’d like to try their hand at the unofficial Canadian Premier League modification are asked to shoot the creator a direct message on Reddit here, at which point they’ll try to send the files over – provided you play on PC or PS4.

The intrepid fan isn’t finished yet, stating that they would appreciate if users could let them know where to improve upon when it comes to player positions and ratings for other clubs. While the mod’s creator has miss-cued a few player positions in the league-wide rosters, it’s still fantastic to see some digital representations of what CPL players look like in-game.

True to form, it looks like Cavalry FC has the strongest rating out of any team in the modification (aside of perhaps Forge, whose stats weren’t shown), though all of the other clubs wind up fairly close – something which accurately reflects a league with plenty of parity.

The creator – who goes by Bekker’s Elbow on Reddit – plans to create a few more short-and-shirt combinations to recreate the diversity that CPL clubs have shown throughout the inaugural season. They also want to create some future clubs for fun, though they haven’t yet stated if these will include the likes of Saskatoon or Montreal.

Source: Reddit

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