May 20, 2024
  • May 20, 2024
Canadian Premier League Laval

Qatari Investors Quickly Rule Out Quebec CPL Bid

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A rumour stemming from the Footy Prime Podcast turned heads with speculation of a wealthy foreign ownership group looking to launch a CPL team in Quebec, but the rumour was quickly quashed by the postulated investors.

Yesterday saw the Footy Prime Podcast’s official twitter account tease a rumour that the company who owns Paris Saint-German, Qatari Sports Investors, had shown interest in a Quebec CPL team.

Investigating the alleged investors, the CPL writer Quentin Parisis tabled a question to QSI directly – and they responded in no less than twelve minutes.

“Many thanks for your email,” came the response. It’s a quick reply as this is not in any way true.”

Parisis took this as a pretty clear answer that the rumour was unfounded, with QSI having distanced itself from expansion into Canada’s top flight remarkably quickly.

Canadian Premier League commissioner Mark Noonan said last year that Quebec was leading the charge in expansion talks, though he’d also said there would be two new teams coming in 2025 – something he recently backed down on.

The league has already jumped in the waters of foreign investor groups with Atletico Ottawa being owned by La Liga giant Atletico Madrid. The CPL remains open to foreign investors that make sense for the league, with some of the ownership groups who the league has talked to over the last twelve months falling into that category.

The Doha-based QSI is state-owned and boasts a vast portfolio: while Paris Saint-German will take headlines, the investment company also has large shares in SC Braga and has put billions into a wealth fund which owns the Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals, and Washington Mystics, too. Suffice to say, the costs related to operating a CPL club would be, to put it kindly, small potatoes for the Qatari group.

Not that this appears to be an issue, given QSI’s own response to Quentin.

Canadian Premier League Laval

If there are any Quebec ownership groups making headway, comments previously said by the commissioner imply that Laval University could be an interim gap while an appropriate soccer stadium for an expansion side there is sourced.

“A CPL club couldn’t play permanently at Laval University,” said the commissioner last year. “It would have to be a short-term solution. We’re not going to approve a club in Quebec City if there isn’t a stadium project attached to it.”

Laval has been one of the most oft-mentioned expansion locations following the launch of the Canadian Premier League, with Alex Bunbury having been tied to an expansion effort back in 2019. Noonan has also named drop Quebec City and Trois-Rivieres, too.

While he’d like to plant a flag in Quebec ‘yesterday’, for now it remains to be seen what ownership group might be able to finally plant a flag for the CPL in La Belle Province.

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