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  • July 14, 2024

Canadian Premier League Announces Brand New Trophies

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Farewell to the microwave plate. Long live the toonie!

The Canadian Premier League has just delivered on its promise for a regular season trophy, which we’re now getting in the Canadian Premier League Shield.The current playoff trophy is also being retired and will be rebranded as the North Star Cup.

The league just announced both of the new trophies today, offering fans a look at the all-new regular season trophy whilst teasing the North Star Shield’s successor.

Canadian Premier League Shield

We’re just one month away from seeing who will be awarded each, with the CPL Shield being handed to the regular season winner and the North Star Cup going to the playoff champion.

The winners of both trophies will earn automatic entry into the Concacaf Champions Cup, with the regular season winner also getting a prize payout equal to what the playoff champion will bag.

“There is nothing like the commitment that comes with the battle for a regular season title and the excitement of the CPL Final ahead,” says CPL Commissioner Mark Noonan. “We’re especially lucky to be experiencing one of the most competitive years in league history, which makes the fight for these trophies even more fun to watch.”

Cavalry FC William Akio
Photo Credit: Matt Zambonin

It looks like Cavalry already has one hand on the Canadian Premier League Shield, which the league describes as being emblematic of the fans and communities whom give Canada’s sporting community life.

The shield – which is made of sterling silver with gold leaf accents – has thirteen points along its outer edge to represent all ten provinces and the three territories which comprise the country.

Each of these edge points are angled towards the league’s logo at the heart of the shield, combining the Canadian maple leaf and the North Star, with the nine-kilogram shield measuring about 46 centimeters in diameter.

Moving into the postseason champion, The North Star Cup will replace the North Star Shield that we’ve seen from 2019-2022. As the name implies, the guiding light of a North Star continues to be a central motif, though the league won’t be unveiling the new trophy until the CPL Finals are all set.

That means fans will likely have to wait until a direct reveal of the trophy just ahead of the final on either Saturday, October 28 or Sunday, October 29.

With playoffs having been expanded to five teams this year, that means the majority of the league will be in the running to hoist the cup.

Both the CPL Shield and the North Star Cup have been designed by EPICO Studios, where creative director Richard Levy has helped produce items like the Copa America Centenario, Concacaf’s Champions Cup, Gold Cup, and Nations League cup, and the MLS Cup itself.

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