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Cavalry FC Marco Carducci

Carducci Takes Reigns As PFA Canada President

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Cavalry FC goalkeeper Marco Carducci is taking the reigns as the new President of PFA Canada.

Carducci replaces 35-year-old former Pacific FC Captain Marcel de Jong in the role after he left the seat vacant.

The former Canadian international had called the CPL’s ongoing salary issues an embarrassment back in 2021, shortly before closing out a playing career that spanned some 17 years.

New successor Marco Carducci, 26, has been a player in the growing domestic league from the very start, helping his side to three consecutive postseason appearances.

His own playing career was briefly paused following a cancer diagnosis earlier this year, though thankfully the Cavalry goalkeeper underwent a successful surgery and rejoined the team shortly afterwards.

milan borjan on marco carducci
Milan Borjan stated Carducci had a bright career ahead of him. (Photo Credit: Canada Soccer)

Carducci was previously the Vice President of PFA Canada and fills the open seat at the top as per the by-laws of the prospective players union.

The new President has already voiced that he’s ready to battle for a collective bargaining agreement for CPL athletes:

“Though we’ll miss Marcel and his experiences in the professional soccer industry, I’m surrounded by a hugely competent board of directors and combined with the support of my teammates and the rest of the CPL player pool, I’m more than ready to represent our members throughout Concacaf and beyond,” said Marco Carducci of his appointment. “Most importantly, I’m determined to finish the job of securing collective bargaining rights with the league as its time for players to have a formal place of the table.”

It has been about two-and-a-half years since PFA Canada unveiled itself following a 25% salary cut to players during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the prospective players union fighting for a voice at the table when it came to league decisions.

Backed by executive director Dan Kruk and Ottawa-based employment lawyer Paul Champ, the prospective players union has since gained FIFPRO member status while paving inroads with domestic union partnerships, too.

Canadian Premier League 2021 Union

Last year we interviewed several Canadian Premier League athletes under anonymous conditions, detailing why there was a significant pro-union stance amongst the players. It was just months after that when David Clanachan put forth a league communication saying the league was open to holding talks with the prospective union.

Newly-minted league commissioner Mark Noonan seems receptive of such talks, stating upon his appointment that every successful professional sporting league in the world has a relationship with labour.

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It is expected that these talks will take place following the conclusion of the fourth Canadian Premier League season this fall, though how long until changes may take to be ratified remains to be seen.

Carducci’s term will run until PFA Canada’s next annual general meeting set to be held in 2023.

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