July 23, 2024
  • July 23, 2024
Canadian Premier League Leaks

The Six Weirdest CPL Leaks…So Far

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Football leaks happen all the time, and that should be no surprise: the number of people who are directly involved or close to club operations inevitably leads to news getting out before it was supposed to. Sometimes, though, these leaks happen in a manner far removed from the simple ‘word just got out’ way we’re used to seeing, like a player move being sussed out in Tinder over in Ireland.

While the Canadian Premier League is only entering its sixth season next month, the league has seen its fair share of strange leaks too. After Atletico Ottawa’s particularly leaky week, we wanted to highlight some other all-time greats, too.

Without further ado, here’s the six weirdest leaks we’ve seen in the Canadian Premier League so far:

An Unreleased Kit Randomly Showing Up In Barcelona

We’ll dip our toes into weird leaks with the Pacific 2023 kit protype, which randomly showed up in Barcelona several weeks before the club formally launched the look. It was actually a double-whammy leak, as later on that day the same kit was found on the Spanish Futbolmania website, though we still don’t know how it got to either of those spots.

The leak gave fans an early look at how the league-wide CIBC sleeve logos would look in practice, and went to show that no matter how discretely a club prepared its new threads…sometimes shirts just randomly pop up in Europe.

Pacific FC Alessandro Hojabrpour
Photo Credit: John Jacques

When Your Old Club Leaks A Transfer Out Of Spite

When Pacific hoisted the league title back in 2021, the Tridents made history as the only club that wasn’t named Forge to ever win the playoff championship. Despite that, even a runners-up Forge FC still managed to scoop both Alejandro Hojabrpour and Terran Campbell from the victors in the subsequent offseason.

That move had been kept under wraps…until Pacific randomly leaked that both players were going to Forge in the club’s farewell post, waiting till right at the end of the press release to sneak in the leak before Forge had a proper chance to announce the duo.

“We just wish them the best of luck with their move to Forge and what makes them happy,” said Pa-Modou Kah in the post. “You know, if you can’t beat them, sign them.”

Forge were certainly not ready with an announcement post of its own, but to the club’s credit it was only a couple of days later when the club made it ‘official’ – but by then, Pacific had certainly ‘scooped’ the intra-league move.

2021 Canadian Championship FC Edmonton Cavalry FC
Photo Credit: FC Edmonton

That Time A League-Run Club Leaked A CanChamp Match Before The Tournament Was Even Confirmed

There was a lot of uncertainty heading out of the pandemic: while the Canadian Premier League season was sorted, the Canadian Championship wasn’t quite there yet. That’s why a few heads turned when an FC Edmonton season ticket member email revealed a cup match against Cavalry, despite the tournament itself not even being confirmed yet.

When we asked the Cavalry’s Tommy Wheeldon Jr. about it, he said we’d just broken the news to him – and on top of that, he didn’t like the idea that Cavalry would be playing away despite advancing further in the tournament than the Eddies back in 2019. He was going on a proper rant about it when club PR came in and moved him on to the next question. Truly, we really ought to join in on more Zoom interviews.

It was later discovered that the league had taken over day-to-day operations of FC Edmonton after the owner ran out of funds, so the inadvertent leak of a cup clash likely came from someone wearing a lot of hats at the league office. When the formal announcement came out, FC Edmonton’s email blast was right on the money – even if the club was running out of it.

York United 2024 Kit
Photo Credit: Carlos Joaquin

When You Bring Your Unreleased Kit To A Photo Op

A general rule of thumb is that if you don’t want a new club kit to be leaked, probably don’t bring it as a gift on a visit with a public official. That didn’t stop the new York United owners, however, who brought the club’s new checkerboard alternative kit as gift to Mexico’s Ambassador to Canada, Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez.

It didn’t take long for the photograph to be duly tweeted by Gonzalez and, of course, picked up by York United fans – particularly as Club President Ricardo Pasquel retweeted it shortly after.

The club formally unveiled both of its new kits a few weeks later at a fan event, though they get bonus points for keeping the primary kit out of any photo ops until after that. They did cut it close, though.

Atletico Ottawa Dylon Powley
Photo Credit: John Jacques

Soccerway Leaks The Entire Atletico Ottawa Roster

Atletico Ottawa’s sophomore season in the Canadian Premier League saw something truly bizarre unfold: a club’s entire roster being leaked by an online info-scraping roster website.

In the midst of Ottawa slow-rolling its roster news, the Soccerway website suddenly updated to reveal eight brand new players that the club had yet to announce – and it was right for all of them.

It stole some thunder from exciting announcements like Ryan Telfer and Jordan Webb, but perhaps more bizarre is we still don’t know how it happened…or if it’ll happen again.

…and yes, we’ve checked it every season since. No dice.

Atletico Ottawa Manny Aparicio

When Unannounced Players Pose For Photos

Of course, you don’t need Soccerway to leak lineups if you trot out the whole team to a public match and have them doing photo ops with fans.

Amer Didic and Manny Aparicio’s respective exits from Pacific undoubtedly made them the biggest free agents of this year’s offseason, with both players exploring moves to higher levels. It came to light in the last week that both players were training with Atletico Ottawa in Mexico, causing an uproar online just a couple days before Manny Aparicio was made official.

It turns out that Aparicio had signed a month prior and was kept quiet, while sources within the club say Amer Didic is still in negotiations – but in any event, Atletico Ottawa ought to have known what it was getting into when they had the full team hanging out in the stands at Estadio Alfonso Lastras.

With less than a month to go ahead of the Canadian Premier League’s sixth season, it remains to be seen if anything else truly juicy drops before it was meant to. As we’ve seen from the above, though, history will certainly repeat itself given enough time.

If you’re a fan of the offbeat CPL stuff, we recommend a look at our very-irregularly-posted Casual Friday posts. We could explain it, but it’s better just to go in blind.

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