June 17, 2024
  • June 17, 2024
FC Motagua Jose Escalante Transfer

Escalante Could Be Involved In CPL Trade

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Jose Escalante wasn’t mentioned in Cavalry’s end-of-season roster update, but his wild transfer saga isn’t over yet.

We’ve now learned that his loan with Honduran side FC Motagua might end sooner than expected, paving way for the longtime CPL winger to return to Canada in time for the 2024 CPL season…but potentially not for Cavalry FC.

Cavalry is currently in negotiations for an intra-league trade regarding Escalante, though it isn’t clear with whom. All-told, however, the Honduran isn’t a likely return to Spruce Meadows following his unexpected midseason transfer out this summer.

Cavalry FC Jose EScalante
Photo Credit: John Jacques

For those who missed the fireworks, this summer saw FC Motagua announce Jose Escalante while he was still under contract with Cavalry, prompting both clubs to release contrasting statements about his contract status with either party.

After two weeks of murky confusion, Cavalry announced it had formally loaned the club original to Motagua on a one-year term, with the CPL side stating it had retained exclusive rights to Escalante through to the end of the 2024 Canadian Premier League season. This implied they had triggered a club option before confirming a loan to a club who had already announced him as a full signing. It was messy, to say the least.

Cavalry FC Jose Escalante
Photo Credit: Canadian Premier League

The Honduran midfielder has made exactly 100 appearances for Cavalry FC, contributing some nine goals and sixteen assists during his time with Alberta’s only Canadian Premier League side. He’s been a polarizing figure in the league, goading opponents into fouls over the last five years while proving a dangerous and fast-footed presence on the flank.

While a staple in the CPL, the left-sided winger has hasn’t gotten a tough return to his native Honduras. He’s made ten appearances for Motagua since the loan was made official, having lost on first team minutes in favour of Wesly Decas and instead featuring moreso for the reserves.

FC Motagua Jose Escalante
Photo Credit: FC Motagua

Still, there wouldn’t any team in the Canadian Premier League who wouldn’t like to have Jose Escalante on their roster, so it’ll be interesting to see what ultimately pans out from the potential return. Right now, Cavalry is in the midst of an intra-league move, though we don’t know with whom…or what/who they’ll be getting in return.

Whatever comes next, we’re sure the Honduran will continue to be a polarizing figure in the league for a sixth-year running.

Header Image Photo Credit: Canadian Premier League

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