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Forge FC Joins Canadian Council For Aboriginal Business

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Bob Young has always been an entrepreneur who yearns to give back to the community, and this philanthropy has already extended to both of his Hamilton-based professional sports teams in the Tiger-Cats and Forge FC. Today, both teams have become the first professional sports teams to join the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

The council was established in 1982 to help strengthen the Indigenous peoples’ participation within the Canadian economy. In the case of Forge FC and the Tiger-Cats, it means both sides are committing to help grow Aboriginal interest in the sports industry through youth, community, and business involvement.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats quarterback Jeremiah Masoli will be supporting the McMaster Youth Movement, providing Indigenous youth both in the Hamilton region and beyond opportunities to take part in multiple Tiger-Cats home matches throughout the 2019 season. It is expected that Forge FC will be following up with a similar initiative.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Forge FC take great pride in being leaders in our community and partnering with organizations that share our vision and values like the CCAB.With the support of our key stakeholders, including our stadium business partners, we have the capacity to help assist and support aboriginal businesses in our surrounding community, and can also make a meaningful impact through employment opportunities and community relationships.

Matt Afinec, Forge FC and Tiger-Cats President and COO

Both Forge FC and the Tiger-Cats are the first Canadian professional sports teams to join the council, which includes the likes of MasterCard Canada, Ferrero Canada, and the University of Alberta – among many others.

The Hamilton-based Forge FC have established an entertaining, attacking style in the burgeoning Canadian Premier League, and currently sit second-place in the spring season standings. Team Captain Kyle Becker has called on his side to put together a winning streak, and the hammer have now won two on the bounce, snatching three points from local rivals York9 FC last weekend in a match that was filled with drama both on and off the pitch.

With the league establishing a motto of ‘By Canadians, for Canadians’, it’s good to see Forge FC taking these values to heart. It’s worth noting that without the efforts of Forge FC co-founder Bob Young, a domestic professional sports league wouldn’t be here at all. After making tickets to the inaugural match free for everyone in attendance, it seems that Bob Young – who is known as ‘the caretaker’ – is certainly doing his name justice.

Source: Forge FC

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