June 18, 2024
  • June 18, 2024

League1 Alberta Joins League1 Canada Alliance

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After a successful exhibition series in 2023 with the Calgary Foothills and Calgary Blizzard taking the crown in the men’s and women’s divisions respectively, League1 Canada has announced that League1 Alberta has officially joined its alliance of pro-am soccer leagues.

Made public on Thursday, League1 Canada said that it had reached an agreement with the Alberta Soccer Association to oversee the league for 2024 and beyond.

As part of the agreement, the provincial body will continue to coordinate and manage the daily operations of the league while this new partnership will grant the women’s champion entry into the yearly League1 Canada Women’s Inter-Provincial Championship.

There remains no indication as to whether the men’s division champion will be granted a berth into the Canadian Championship just as the champions of League1 Canada’s other three leagues currently do.

This announcement accompanies a plethora of news regarding the League1 Canada alliance to come out recently, including the acquisition of League1 BC by Canada Soccer Business (CSB) from the BC Soccer Association.

League1 Alberta also saw its own share of news ahead of the 2024 season with two new teams being added to both divisions for the inaugural full season in the province. Calgary South West United is the newest club to join the league with squads in both divisions while a new National Development Centre will field a team in the women’s league and the Calgary Blizzard will expand into the men’s table.

League1 Canada enters its third season in existence with an aim to unify and standardize Canadian soccer at the semi-professional level by aligning the growing number of third division leagues in Canada including L1BC, L1 Alberta, L1 Ontario, L1 Quebec, and the proposed L1 Prairies and the L1 Atlantic exhibition series that is due to kick off this year

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