July 14, 2024
  • July 14, 2024

League1 Canada Men’s Review – Week 9

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Teams are getting amped. The games are getting harder, and the points are starting to mean more as we are well into the back nine of the 2024 League1 Canada season.

With the Whitecaps Academy, Edmonton Scottish, Burlongton SC, and FC Laval currently leading their respective leagues, it comes down to these final few weeks to see who will be crowned champions and who play in the 2025 Canadian Championship!

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This recap will take a look at all of the male match-ups from the week that was. To find the article encompassing the women’s games, you can find that linked here.

Photo Credit: Mary Kessenich (IG: @marytookaphoto)

League1 BC: Burnaby Bow Out

Unity FC 1 – 1 Burnaby FC

TSS Rovers FC 1 – 2 Vancouver Whitecaps Academy

Harbourside FC 3 – 1 Burnaby FC

Unity FC 0 2 Altitude FC

It was a turbulent week for the teams in action out in beautiful British Colombia. With Rivers on their bye, the remaining sides duked it out with the Rovers, Unity, and Altitude all within striking distance of the league-leading caps.

Unity FC squandered on a chance to gain three easy points as they took on the last-place Burnaby FC. Despite Jiwon Seo giving them the lead just 14′ into the match, keeper David Hicks will be sure to want back the one Lachlan Will snuck by him 56 minutes later. Tying it up for Burnaby granted them their third draw of the season and denied Unity the first spot.

Photo Credit: AFTN / Tom Ewasiuk

The TSS Rovers were in – what will probably end up being – their biggest match of the regular season on Friday night. Also chasing down the ‘Caps, their spirits were shattered in the 26th minute as Matteo Samori converted a PK. Gurman Singh Sangha would tie it up for the Rovers in the 74th, a result I am sure would be satisfactory, but a late GWG by VWFC’s Ghasemi would steal all three points for Vancouver.

Harbourside doubled down on this week’s beat-down of Burnaby FC as the newcomers returned to the pitch Saturday. Nanaimo’s Magog, Cornwell, and Bagiopolous would find the net, but as would Burnaby’s Brienza, denying the home side a clean sheet, though it would not be enough to overcome the deficit.

For the second time in the week, Unity would give up points in games they had chances to capitalize in. Altitude would enter the game like a bat out of hell as David Zegarra opened the scoring at the 20th. He would be complimented by Anastazi Ahayo 50 minutes later, and with Marshall Herald putting on a masterclass in net, Altitude shot up into second and tying them with the Whitecaps.

Photo Credit: Adrien Bazinet (IG: @adrien.b.photography)

League1 Alberta: Scottish Shut Out

Edmonton Scottish 0 – 2 St. Albert Impact

Callies United 1 – 4 Calgary Foothills FC

BTB SC 3 – 0 Callies United

Calvary FC U21 2 – 2 St. Albert Impact

Calgary Blizzard POSTPONED Edmonton Scottish

With what would have been a fierce battle for first-place between the Blizzard and Scottish postponed, the teams had to look everywhere they could for points in the hopes of catching up to the two league-leading sides. But not always did those who needed to secure points succeed.

This started with the Edmonton Scottish hosting at home Impact. Things would not start well as Thomas Hope entered the ref’s book with a yellow just five minutes in. Then things went from bad to worse as Maheshe broke the deadlock for the Impact at the 34′. Twinning with Jacob Kwizera, the Impact’s lead grew to two, shutting out the Scottish in their fifth-last game of 2024.

Photo Credit: Adrien Bazinet (IG: @adrien.b.photography)

Callies would later again on Friday as they travelled up to Edmonton to take on BTB SC at the Jasper Place Bowl. Michael Cox and Sacre Musa would best Callies keeper Hany Shafie a total of three times, one for each point BTB would secure in their first win of the season.

Striving for a still realistic shot at a place on the podium, both Callies United and the Foothills were desperate to one-up each other this week. Unfortunately for Callies, a Gareth Smith-Doyle hat trick alongside Owen Antoniuk’s sixth of the season would prove to be too much Pavle Popara’s side, giving all three points to the Foothills.

Rounding out this week in L1AB action had Cavalry FC’s U-21 side hosting the St. Albert Impact down in Calgary. A tense match would ensure as the teams went tit-for-tat with the Impact striking first followed by Cavs just 15 minutes later. Come the second half, the Impact would strike again, only for the Cavs to shut down the lead shortly after. Tack on an early red card for the Impact and you have a darn good match for the fans in attendance!

Photo Credit: Zoe Keck (IG: zoekeckphotos)

League1 Ontario: Postponement Central

As a severe storm front swept its way across Ontario this past week, despite resulting in several cancelled matches in the L1O calendar, the storms brought with them a series of *thunderous* matches with *flashes* of brilliance.

League1 Ontario: Premiership

Vaughan Azzurri POSTPONED Burlington SC

Blue Devils FC 1 – 2 North Toronto Nitros

Sigma FC POSTPONED Alliance United FC

Scrosoppi FC POSTPONED Hamilton United

Woodbridge Strikers 1 – 1 Simcoe County Rovers FC

ProStars FC 2 – 0 Guelph United FC

Guelph United FC 4 – 1 ProStars FC

Burlington SC 1 – 1 Hamilton United

Simcoe County Rovers FC 1 – 1 North Toronto Nitros

Alliance United FC 2 – 1 Woodbridge Strikers

Blue Devils FC 1 – 2 Sigma FC

Scrosoppi FC 0 – 0 Vaughan Azzurri

A mid-table battle kicked off the week as the Nitros tripped down to Oakville to take on the Blue Devils. A heated match would be highlighted with Nitros goals by Nico Barros and Jaylen Drummond. The Devils would get one of their own, hinting at a comeback but NTN keeper Kevon Grant would stop that from ever taking place.

A home-and-home would highlight this matchweek as the equally-struggling ProStars and Guelph United travelled to and from to face each other. Beginning in Mississauga at the home of PFC, Milan Beader and Giuseppe Muffolini would the United Front’s Jake Findlay in front of their fans for all three shares. Just three days later, the tables turned with Guelph proving to be the dominant force in front of a home crowd. Despite an early dismissal for Jacob Cabral Yates, Agyemang, Mitchell, and Yates again would net four to put GUFC on top, securing the Royal City the ‘dub.

With Woodbridge in a four-way battle for the league title, any points they can scrape up will go a long ways, preferably with as many Ws sprinkled in there as possible. The rebuilding Rovers played the role of spoiler however as Jevonate Layne’s 65′ strike would equalize on Marshall Ronaldo’s earlier goal to split the points between the sides.

Burlington are also engaged in this heated league title scrap, with the Bayhawks currently in first due to head-to-head. Seeing this, it was to many’s surprise that a Hamilton squad currently in relegation territory were able to take an early lead and would have won had it not been for the 77′ heroics of Leaford Allen to get at least one point for Burlington.

Photo Credit: Bob Twiddle / League1 Ontario

Simcoe are proving to be fans of stress and anxiety as for the second time on the week the Rovers went down early on, only to recover in the final third to tie it 1-1. The only difference is that their Saturday match at home saw the Nitros gain the advantage and then have it revoked. If it’s Coach Zack Wilson’s plan to be a league-wide spoiler, well it’s working.

Alliance rode backpack during their Saturday night match against Woodbridge, as their own Atchuthan Sivananthan carried the entire squad to victory. With goals in the 6′ and 65′, Sivananthan would have the game of his season as his performance denied Alliance’s rivals any points or ground to gain.

Another masterful solo performance would define the Sigma v Blue Devils, with the Devils once again failing to capitalize on their momentum. The highly-touted Kevaughn Tavernier would be the name of the hero in this one with the midfielder netting a brace to give Sigma their first win of the campaign.

Closing out premiership action this week had the 2023 league finalists take on the most successful club in league history. A tense match between two strong sides on Sunday afternoon saw Vaughan rack up four yellows, but neither side make a breakthrough goal-wise, leaving goose eggs on the scoreboard and dividing the spoils equally.

Photo Credit: Vasiliy Ryabykh / League1 Ontario

League1 Ontario: Championship

BVB IA Waterloo 1 – 2 Master’s FA

St. Catharines Roma Wolves 3 – 1 Pickering FC

Darby FC 1 – 4 FC London

North Mississauga SC 3 – 3 TFC Academy

Unionville Milliken SC 3 – 2 Windsor City FC

With a four-way tie for demotion into League2, Master’s FA are constantly searching for anyway to escape this purgatory. An early goal by Terrell Spencer would eventually be matched by Waterloo’s Marko Maletic only for MFA to regain the lead in the 90+5′ off of the foot of Aidan O’Keefe to keep them alive in the escape from relegation.

Another all-relegation matchup took place Friday as St. Catharines Roma Wolves hosted the Pickering FC men at Club Roma. Unfortunately, the visitors were not up to the task and by the 60′, it was game over as the Wolves clocked three, which ultimately would be all that was needed for the additionally tally in their ‘W’ column.

Photo Credit: Martin Bazyl / League1 Ontario

Darby’s falter to the recently-unstoppable FC London was not necessarily a surprising one, but with four unique scorers in Oshana, Coker, Efosa, and Fonseca-Cruz, the Forest City side perfectly demonstrated how the execute their prowess and why they deserve to be in the Premiership. Their 4-1 win over Darby has now placed them two points clear of the TFC Academy, but they aren’t out of the woods yet!

Speaking of TFC Academy, once-thought untouchable, Dino Lopez’s side has seen some struggles in recent weeks, winning only one out of their last four matches. On Saturday, they went for brace for brace with the North. Miss Panthers with Bradley Tamako netting two followed by his Panthers counterpart Luc Colombe doing the same. Both players were later complimented by goals from Spence and Yasaka to split the points, keeping TFC-A within one game of first.

Windsor City was proving to be a promising contender at the start of the year. But in this weeks contest, they failed to respond to two goals from two Unionville Milliken players and then failed once more to hold down the tie in the second half’s added time, allowing for Haji Shee to take the lead and all the points from Valter Cosenza’s roster.

Photo Credit: Bob Twiddle / League1 Ontario

League2 Ontario

(Southwest) Guelph United FC II 3 – 2 Windsor City FC II

(Southwest) FC London II 1 – 2 St. Catharines Roma Wolves II

(Southwest) Scrosoppi FC II 8 – 0 BVB IA Waterloo II

(Southwest) Rush Canada Academy 7 – 0 Hamilton United II

(Southwest) St. Catharines Roma Wolves II 0 – 8 Scrosoppi FC II

(Northeast) Vaughan Azzurri II POSTPONED Darby FC II

(Northeast) Pickering FC 3 – 4 Unionville Milliken SC II

(Northeast) Master’s FA II 2 – 4 Alliance United FC II

(Northeast) Vaughan Azzurri 1 – 2 Sudbury Cyclones

(Central) North Mississauga SC II 1 – 1 The Borough FC

(Central) Sigma FC II 2 – 2 North Toronto Nitros II

(Central) Woodbridge Strikers II 4 – 1 Blue Devils FC II

(Central) ProStars FC II 1 – 4 North Mississauga SC II

(Central) The Borough FC 1 – 3 Burlington SC II

League2 action had the bar set real high this past week as the Rush Academy hosted Hamilton United ‘B’ side. The was the personification of the “Stop, Stop! He’s already dead!” meme from The Simpsons as Rush netted not one, not two, but seven goals against Nick Zanin, led with a brace from substitute Patrick Aponowicz.

The Sudbury Cyclones continued their four-game winning streak this past weekend as they travelled down to the GTA to take on the Azzurri’s second squad. Santos and Olatoke took the lead for the Cyclones come the second half and were only slightly overshadowed by a late goal by Vaughan to cut the lead in half.

The Borough FC have had a hard time making a name for themselves this season with a 2W-2D-4L record. However, their draw against North Mississauga II was something to keep spirits up. With Julian Di Lucia scoring his first of the season, he would be matched by the Panthers’ Ethan De Sousa-Swan, giving both of their teams a single goal, and thus a single point as well.

But TBFC’s woes continued later in the week as they hosted Burlington SC II at Birchmount Stadium. The Bayhawks’ Xavier Enakimio (x2) and Juchan Kim (x1) would cement the lead by the 61′ while a late goal from The Borough would somewhat limit the pain.

Ligue1 Quebec: Longueuil Double-Up as Celtix Crumble

OSU Atlético 0 – 0 CS Mont-Royal Outremont

OSU Atlético 0 – 2 CS St-Hubert

CS Longueuil 4 – 1 Céltix du Haut-Richelieu

Céltix du Haut-Richelieu 2 – 3 AS Blainville

AS Laval 0 – 1 CS Longueuil

FC Laval 3 – 1 Royal Selects Beauport

CF Montréal 1 – 3 CS St-Laurent

CS Mont-Royal Outremont NOT PUBLISHED BY L1Q Royal Selects Beauport

There were several major turning points in this week’s edition of League1 Quebec action as pack separates, and it all started in Ottawa.

Getting it all started had OSU Atletico hosting CS Mont-Royal Outremont on Wednesday. For a more in-depth analysis of this match, take a look at Northern Tribune’s coverage, here. They then followed up the upset draw with a Sunday afternoon meeting where the third place CS St-Hubert Spatial would dominate with a 2-0 victory, handing Ottawa their fourth loss in six games.

Photo Credit: Chris Hue (IG: @ChrisHue95)

While OSU may have been content with their performances, there was a lot left to be desired by Celtix du Haut-Richelieu fans as their side dropped both of their contests this week. Gregory David’s sole goal against CS Longueuil would prove futile to CSL’s four-goal onslaught, led by an Elliot Viel brace. Separately, AS Blainville also gained three points to place them just outside of fourth place. Yannick Laurent and Alex Marcoux and Marcoux again would play the heroes for Blainville, sinking the Celtix for their fifth loss of the season.

Both Laval sides were also in action this week with FC taking on Quebec City’s Beauport while AS hosted CS Longueuil. FCL would prove victorious over their eleventh-placed opponents as Hedou, Bruce, and Eze sent their side over the top. AS Laval would not share in the suburb’s success this week. Despite being able to hold of the CSL offence for the vast majority of the game, a late 86′ goal by Longueuil’s Charles-Emile Brunet would claim the ‘W’ for the south shore squad, putting them into sixth.

A rapidly-falling CF Montreal Academy played host to the league posterboys in CS St-Laurent at the Centre Nutrilait, and with this game came good and bad news for the hosts: the good news was that CFM finally broke Kosta Maniatis’ five-game clean sheet streak, but the bad news was that they allowed three themselves, leaving CSSL undefeated since May 12.

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