April 16, 2024
  • April 16, 2024
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League1 Ontario Releases Details for 2024 L1 Cup

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Just a day after releasing the details of its domestic leagues, League1 Ontario published the details of the L1 Cup – something we knew was in the works to return for over two years.

With the plans now public, the number of teams, full format, and first round dates of the knockout cup competition are now confirmed. Here is what has been made known:

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Men’s Cup to Feature 25 Teams

The League1 Ontario men’s cup tournament will feature 25 teams across its three divisions. It will contain all 12 Premier Division sides, the 10 Championship Division teams, plus the three ‘A’ teams in League2 Ontario.

The first round will contain 18 teams, including the Championship teams, L2O teams, plus five L1O Premier sides. These five teams will be determined via a draw, with a team’s performance from last season increasing their chances of receiving a bye.

The nine first round winners will join the seven L1O Premier teams that received a bye. All rounds will be played over one match, with the action starting the week of 15 April.

In what will be the first edition since 2019, two teams have lifted the trophy before. Vaughan Azzurri claimed the latest edition, as well as the 2015 and 2017 tournaments. Woodbridge Strikers won the other two tournaments in 2016 and 2018.

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Women’s Cup: 22 Teams Will Fight For Glory

The League1 Ontario women’s cup will feature 22 teams, three less than the men’s equivalent. However, there will still be five rounds. All teams from League1 Premier and League1 Championship, as well as the two ‘A’ teams from League2 Ontario, will be involved.

For the first round, the Championship and League2 teams will partake, with the Premier clubs receiving a bye. The six winners of this round will join the Premier teams in the last 16. Games will be one-off knockout ties, commencing the week of 15 April.

The four previous editions of the L1O women’s cup produced four different winners; North Mississauga won the first edition in 2015; Vaughan Azzurri followed suit a year later, before FC London and Woodbridge prevailed in the 2017 and 2018 tournaments, respectively.

The L1 Cup is in essence meant to replace the lack of playoffs in the league format. Neither the L1O Premier nor L1O Championship will feature playoffs.

“League1 Ontario has come a long way since the L1 Cup was discontinued after 2018,” adds League1 Ontario operations manager Chris Keem. “We are glad we can bring it back alongside the introduction to promotion and relegation.”

“There are big opportunities for every team; while it gives some teams who are out of their title race a second chance at silverware, some will be targeting a league and cup double.”

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