July 16, 2024
  • July 16, 2024
League1 Ontario

League1 Ontario Releases Statement Regarding Racial Misconduct

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Just over one month after a League1 Ontario match between the first ever Trent-Severn Cup match between Electric City FC and Simcoe County Rovers was curtailed due to allegations of racial abuse, League1 Ontario’s investigation has now procured results.

In an announcement made today, the pro-am league has found Electric City FC to be guilty of failing to prevent its spectators from disrupting the match, and/or using offensive language towards a player.

Both clubs were charged with failing to complete the fixture, with the Rovers having walked out of the match in the 88th minute.

The incident took place in late in a midweek match at Fleming College, with Rovers goalkeeper Yazmeen Jamieson reporting that a racial slur had been directed her way from a group of home team supporters situated behind the net.

While the crowd and a security guard stationed at the area denied hearing a slur, the group of spectators were moved at the request of the Rovers for the match to continue – though the visitors ultimately walked out of the game in the 88th minute as a result of the altercation.

Rovers head coach Audra Sherman didn’t offer a comment to the Peterborough Examiner following the incident, but ECFC President Rob Jenkins – who had met with supporters behind the net shortly after the incident – stated that the club has a zero tolerance for racism in their stadium, on the pitch, or anywhere in the club.

League1 Ontario states that all fines collected will be donated to a charitable organization that works to end racism and discrimination in sport.

This investigation was completed 250 days faster than it took an independent panel to clear a former Forge assistant coach following allegations of racial misconduct in 2019.

Ontario’s pro-am league states that it strongly condemns all form of racism and discrimination, stating that it has no place in our game or society.

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