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League1 Ontario Releases 2024 Season Formula

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With just two months until the start of the new League1 Ontario season – the first under the new system – the league released the season formula for the 2024 season.

Fans were already well aware of some of the changes, including the introduction of promotion and relegation. A new three-tiered structure will follow for both genders, adding more excitement ahead of April’s kickoff.

Here are the formats for each of the divisions:

League1 Ontario Men’s Division: Less Playoffs

One of the major changes that will occur in the Premier and Championship divisions is the removal of playoffs. Instead, in both leagues, the teams will face each other home and away. The winner of the League1 Ontario Premier division will go on to represent the league in the 2025 Canadian Championship.

As for promotion and relegation, the last place team of the Premier division will be demoted to the Championship division, and will be replaced by the winner of the latter. There will also be a playoff between the eleventh-placed team from L1O Premier and the runner up of L1O Championship.

For the 2024 campaign only, there will be no direct relegation from the second tier. This is to ensure that there are 12 teams in the Championship division for the 2025 season.

Simcoe County Rovers Baj Maan
Photo Credit: Martin Bazyl / League1 Ontario

Regarding League2 Ontario, there will be three conferences, with clubs facing their conference opponents home and away. At the time of writing, there is no word as to how many teams there will be in each conference. However, fans can expect somewhere between 8-10 teams per conference.

Each conference winner will move on to the playoffs, with the best runner-up also making the postseason. For the 2024 campaign, the winners of the semi-finals will be promoted to the 2025 League1 Ontario Championship division. Moreover, the losing semi-finalists will face each other, with the winner taking on the last place team from L1O Championship. That will determine who grabs the last place in the second tier for the 2025 season.

There is no word on how promotion and relegation will occur between the Championship and L2O from the 2025 campaign. However, we will likely see the last place team of the former be relegated, with the winner of the latter’s playoffs be promoted. Moreover, we can expect a playoff between the L2O finalist and the second last team from L1 Championship.

League1 Ontario Women’s: The Number 10 is the Theme

For the League1 Women’s divisions, things are a lot more streamlined. This is because both the Premier and Championship divisions, as well as both conference in League2, will contain 10 teams.

In the top two tiers, the teams will face each other home and away. The winner of the Premier division will represent the league at the League1 Canada Interprovincial Championship. The last place team of the top tier will demote to the Championship division, and be replaced by the winner of that league. Moreover, the runner up of the Championship division will meet the second last team from the Premier in a playoff.

As for League2 Ontario, which will include the reserve teams of the top two divisions plus the ‘A’ teams of St. Catharine’s Roma Wolves and Masters FA, the clubs will all play 14 games. This will include matches against every team in the same conference, plus five interconference games per team.

The top two clubs from each conference will make the playoffs, with the winner moving up to L1 Championship, replacing the last place team of that division. There will be no additional playoff here, with just one promotion and relegation between the two leagues.

Of course, the League1 Ontario Cup will also return this year, though the details on that will be released later on. As for the fixture list for the League1 Ontario season, that will likely come out within the next month.

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