June 18, 2024
  • June 18, 2024

Dutch Connections Rebrands as ‘The Borough FC’ For 2024

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The castle walls have been built and after several months of radio silence by the club, Dutch Connections FC announced today that their League2 Ontario men’s side will be officially known as The Borough FC going into the 2024 season.

Made public via a press release Monday afternoon, the club unveiled a sleek new branding scheme which included a black, gold, and white colourway and the logo seen above alongside a new hashtag for their social media, #ProtectTheEnds.

The club forms as a partnership between the aforementioned Dutch Connections youth academy led by Andrew Ornoch and Rob Jenkins, owner of Ronic Sports Management and of Electric City and Cavalry FC fame.

The release stated that the two men shared ‘a vision for something in Scarborough that went beyond one youth club or one individual to something that could support, inspire, and unite the entire community.’

With the unveiling, Jenkins touched on Scarbourgh’s rich footballing history, saying “Scarborough is such a diverse community filled with people who are fiercely proud of where they are from and a place that has produced some of Canada’s best athletes”, going on to name national team stars Kamal Miller (Canada) and Jonathan de Guzman (Netherlands) as examples.

The club has placed a particular onus on building the footballing community in Scarborough by creating a clear and defined pathway from youth to their U-20 and semi-pro sides, highlighting that they intend to build the infrastructure for a women’s roster as well in the near future.

“The club is hosting open tryouts in Scarborough on Sunday, February 25 hoping to find undiscovered talents with something to prove, players from Scarborough looking to represent their hometown”, adding that registration for the open tryouts in now live on the club’s website at TheBoroughFC.com.

Toronto’s Birchmount Stadium has played host to Canadian Rugby League, the UofT Varsity Blues, the Canadian Soccer League, and now L2Ontario.

Also announced was the clubs home grounds, merchandise, and ticketing. Located in the heart of Toronto’s east-end, The Borough FC will play their home matches at the historic Birchmount Stadium. The city-owned facility boasts a capacity of over 2000, which if sold out, will break the L1Ontario record for single-game attendance set by Electric City FC back in 2022.

The club also officially opened their shop on Monday with the club offering fans a selections of apparel, scarves, and hats to prepare for their inaugural season.

Finally, the club has announced that tickets for their season will become available this coming march, with home matches taking place on Saturday during the spring and summer, simultaneously confirming that a league schedule announcement is imminent alongside the length of the League2 Ontario season.

The Borough FC and the rest of their League2 Ontario counterparts are set to kick off the first ever season of promotion-relegation soccer in Ontario this spring. Playing alongside them in L2O are Rush Canada (Oakville) and the Sudbury Cyclones, as well as the reserve sides from any and all L1O-Championship or L1O-Premiership teams.

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