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Maritime Super Series

The Maritime Super Series Schedule Is Here

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Scheduling details for the east coast’s upcoming exhibition soccer series have been unveiled.

Entitled the Maritime Super Series, three clubs – one apiece from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick – will set forth on an interprovincial exhibition series to showcase soccer throughout the Maritimes.

The teams involved are Suburban FC (Nova Scotia), Winsloe Charlottetown FC (Prince Edward Island), and Fredericton Reds (New Brunswick), with their respective provincial soccer organizations backing the series.

The first-ever MSS season will take place over three weekends this summer, starting with kickoff in Halifax on May 26-28, Fredericton on June 16-18, and Charlottetown on July 14-16. The Finals weekend will then take place in August, crowning the inaugural Maritime Super Series champion.

The exhibition series aims to showcase local U SPORTS athletes and youthful hopefuls who seek to put themselves on the pathway to professional football out east, an area that is relatively under-served with those kinds of opportunities. It also hopes to gauge interest in an interprovincial east coast soccer setup.

Hoping for the tournament to unfold as a precursor to more permanent League1 Canada season competition, the group has held discussions with League1 Canada President Dino Rossi regarding their initiative, too.

“We are excited by the news of the inaugural Maritime Super Series, and will certainly be keeping an eye on these exhibition games,” said Rossi of the event. He was out east himself not long ago discussing the viability of an interprovincial semi-pro league within his organization’s umbrella.

League1 Atlantic Moncton Meeting

“The response has been great, and establishing a tournament like this that showcases local talent is fantastic. Credit is due to everyone involved in making this happen, and we wish the teams every success this year.”

Interview: Rossi On Growing The Game From Coast-To-Coast

It’s no secret that League1 Canada will be keeping a close eye on the exhibition series: already operating semi-professional leagues in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, the organization is also testing the waters in Alberta with a summertime exhibition series over there, too.

While the Maritime Super Series is running independently for now, the tournament organizers hope to prove that a League1 Atlantic is a viable enterprise. In the meantime, they’ll start small with three clubs and see what growth comes over time.

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