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Northern Fútbol Podcast, Episode 38: Canada is the best in Concacaf

By on November 17, 2021 0 827 Views

Peter Galindo and Thomas Nef reconvene for a post-game edition of the Northern Fútbol Podcast!

After a history-filled night for the Canadian men’s national team, Peter and Thomas go through dozens of your questions following the 2-1 win over Mexico, including whether that was the team’s greatest-ever result and performance.

The guys answer that, dive into the minutiae of the game and look ahead to January. Where will the home game against the U.S. be played? Will there be a camp before the camp to prepare the MLS players? Would that also benefit the U-20 pool?

The guys also provide updates on Marcelo Flores, Ferdi Kadioglu and Stefan Mitrovic and assess their chances of committing to the team after a productive window for Canada.

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0:40 – Was that real!?
7:28 – Has Canada benefitted from no Central American trips until January?
13:54 – Would FIFA allow the Iceteca matches to happen again?
16:17 – Will Canada abandon a two-striker system now?
18:36 – Why Vitoria didn’t start and assessing Henry’s stock
22:38 – Did Borjan settle the GK debate?
24:48 – How Canada can clinch a Top 2/3 spot in the Ocho
28:40 – Where is January’s home game going to be played?
34:30 – How will Canada prepare for the January window?
38:50 – Canadian January transfer update
41:36 – What constitutes a successful January window?
43:01 – Potential World Cup playoff matchups
46:45 – Flores, Kadioglu, Mitrovic updates

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