June 17, 2024
  • June 17, 2024

Northern Fútbol Podcast, Episode 64: Vancouver is in for 2026, analysis on Canada’s U-20s and more

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Peter Galindo and Thomas Nef are re-joined by Alexandre Gangue Ruzic for another loaded edition of the Northern Fútbol Podcast this week!

The guys kick off the show with a discussion about Vancouver re-entering the race to host games at the 2026 World Cup, the positives and negatives of the decision and so much more. They also recap Canada’s U-20s defeating Costa Rica in a friendly, the lack of coverage, potential trends to watch for the second friendly and beyond.

The boys then move on to Canadians Abroad matters from Jonathan David’s next transfer, to Stephen Eustaquio and Richie Laryea seeing time on the pitch, what Sam Adekugbe could do after the season, Carlo Ancelotti’s potential future as Canada coach and more nuggets.

They also talk Canadian standouts in MLS and answer a few of your CPL-related queries.

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1:38 – Players to watch at U-20 camp

5:19 – Major omissions

7:00 – Justin Smith, Jamie Knight-Lebel analysis

8:55 – Koleosho’s interest in Canada, CBs who could make senior squad?

13:01 – Is Zouhir still committed to Canada?

14:00 – Sons of ex-players, coaches or executives: deserved calls or nepotism?

18:20 – Things to watch in friendlies and potential broadcasts

20:10 – Interview with CSA President Dr. Nick Bontis

47:44 – Takeaways from Bontis interview

51:03 – Canucks Abroad Roundup (Davies is back, Ugbo scores again, Cornelius at LB, Wotherspoon trains, etc.)

1:01:15 – Canucks Abroad Mailbag (Which prospect can crack squad, CBs to watch, concern with Corbeanu?

1:07:51 – CPL weekend match analysis

1:14:45 – MLS weekend analysis (Waterman, TFC’s Canadians, Gutierrez, etc.)

1:18:33 – News and Notes (CanWNT, CPL salary cap changes, etc.)

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