April 21, 2024
  • April 21, 2024
York United Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson Joins OneSoccer As Full-Time Analyst

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Former York United midfielder Jordan Wilson will officially be gracing screens of OneSoccer subscribers from coast-to-coast once again – he just won’t be on the pitch.

The 31-year-old now officially joins OneSoccer as a full-time analyst, having guested on the show’s studio panel and on-site coverage since the 2021 Canadian Premier League season.

Wilson had announced his retirement from professional football after spending the last two seasons with York United, for whom he made fifty-seven appearances since arriving in 2021.

York United Jordan Wilson
Photo Credit: John Jacques

His previous appearances of OneSoccer have seen him offer valuable insight from a player’s perspective while proving himself a personable and presence in front of the screen.

He becomes the second former Nine Stripe to formally work with OneSoccer, with former head coach Jim Brennan offering colour commentary on the platform.

Wilson had penned a retirement letter when he hung up his boots, and he’s now written fans another message about why he’s opted to join OneSoccer:

Football is Forever.

A 40-yard ping to your teammate on the touchline. A tackle that rattles both you and your opponent. Scoring a goal. Defeat. Triumph. The grind. There’s nothing quite like it. As far back as I can remember, it’s always been football. Football has always brought me joy – and I’m certain it always will.

Outside of being my outlet since senior kindergarten, football has also been a vehicle. In high school, it kept me focused and out of trouble. As a young adult, it allowed me to get a scholarship and a degree from university. And as a pro, football gave me a home in cities around the world that I never even dreamed of being in. I learned a different language, and I immersed myself in a different culture. I was able to grow and challenge myself as an individual through this beautiful game. I could never repay football for what it’s done for me.

It’s never an easy decision to hang up your boots and step away from the game you’ve played your entire life. Especially, knowing you could still ball and contribute greatly to a team in this league. However, I’ve decided to shift my focus, and I know that is what’s best for my present and my future. It’s time for me to redirect the dedication I’ve had as a player into covering the game in Canada as an analyst. To stay connected to the game I love and to do so in the country I love is a blessing, a privilege and a dream job in my eyes.

When I reflect on my time playing in the Canadian Premier League, I’ve identified some areas that could use some growth and development. But personally, the glass is half full because the CPL has changed the trajectory of my life. If the league wasn’t in place, I wouldn’t have been able to come home in 2020 to continue my football career while being close to my family. I wouldn’t have been able to make connections at OneSoccer and pursue a career that I’m passionate about.

Being a part of the media industry was something I always knew I would enjoy. I love the pace of it, and how spontaneous it allows you to be. Most of all, it keeps me connected and involved with the game I know and love.

My professional career is over, but I promise you – this is just the beginning.

The official OneSoccer website still lists Andi Petrillo as the host for both Matchday Live and OneSoccer Today, with other analysts including Oliver Platt, Gareth Wheeler, Adam Jenkins, and the CPL’s own Vice President of Content and Media, Kristian Jack.

Wilson’s announcement comes shortly ahead of the 2023 Canadian Premier League schedule reveal, which’ll put plenty of action on Wilson’s plate.

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