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Pacific FC Manny Aparici

Manny Aparicio Staying With Pacific FC

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Pacific fans have been waiting with baited breath to see if attacking midfielder Manny Aparicio would be returning, and today the club has finally confirmed as such.

The fast-footed 27-year-old is one of the club’s top attacking creators, contributing six goals and seven assists in 48 appearances during his now-extended time in purple.

“Manu is a top player in this league and one of the most dynamic box-to-box Canadian central midfielders in the game,” said James Merriman, who made no bones about the midfielder’s importance.

“Last season was maybe his best in terms of the impact he had on matches. We know the quality that he brings to our team, the energy he has on the field, and we believe he is coming into his best football.”

Aparicio made 23 appearances for the club last season, tallying two goals and four assists en route to a CPL MVP nomination.

His absence during an injury stint and red card suspension were noticeably felt during the regular season, though the club still reached the playoff stage before bowing out to Atletico Ottawa.

Aparicio: Pacific To Arrive ‘Guns Blazing’ In Must-Win Match

Aparicio’s future with the side was a big question mark in its roster rebuild, with the recently-married midfielder going out-of-contract and revealing that he had a ‘big decision to make’ for the future of his family.

Known for his flourish, tenacity (and sometimes temper) on the pitch, Aparicio is a key returning player for a Tridents squad which has seen plenty of change since it picked up a North Star Shield in 2021 – especially with key attackers Alejandro Diaz and Marco Bustos having since departed.

The five-foot-six midfielder began his professional career with Toronto FC back in 2013 before playing abroad in Spain with SD Ordenes, CD Izarra, and CD San Roque de Lepe. He returned to Canadian soil through York9 FC (now York United) in 2019, captaining the side for the next two seasons before making the jump to Pacific.

There are now 18 players on the Pacific roster for 2023, nearly half of which are new faces.

With Aparicio simply listed as ‘returning for 2023’, it appears the club has likely signed him to a straight one-year deal.

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