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Pacific FC To Announce Two New Signings

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During the Pacific FC town hall hosted last night, PFC CEO Rob Friend revealed that the Vancouver Isle club has made two new signings that are awaiting for their respective international transfer certificates to clear. At that point, the duo will then be revealed.

The club currently has a 21 player squad that has been rocked by injuries: Marcel de Jong ruptured his Achilles tendon during preseason, while veterans like Marcus Haber, Hendrik Starostzik, and Issey Nakajima-Farran have had long spells on the sideline. In fact, yesterday was the first time Pacific FC had its entire roster healthy enough to participate in training, and it’s more than three months into the season.

Rob Friend wouldn’t reveal the names of the new signings in advance, but the news that they both have international transfer certificates to complete means that they’re not free agents coming in from Canada.

The fall transfer window officially closed last week, but CPL clubs are still able to bring in free agents and youth products so long as their contract status is unattached to another professional club. Rosters won’t be frozen until mid-September, which is why Valour FC was able to bring in Yohan Le Bourhis and Halifax Wanderers brought in Duran Lee, neither of whom held a professional contract with their respective semi-pro clubs.

Rob Friend specified that one of the signings is a capped national team player for their respective country, which still leaves things fairly ambiguous. Recent free agent Daniel Stanese was capped once for Canada, though Rob’s wording seems to suggest it may not be a Canadian signing.

The two signings will put Pacific FC to a full 23-man roster for the first time ever, though this may be temporary: it’s still not known if the Canadian Premier Club will be losing any of its young players who may want to pursue a university education.

For these keen to hone their talents in the professional game, however, Pacific FC seems like an easy sell: the club is located in a truly breathtaking location, and has an ownership group that is investing in the province’s largest field house for year-round training.

More information on the two new signings is expected to come soon.

Source: PFCOntario

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