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Valour FC Loic Kwemi Safwane Mlah

Pro Ranks Call For Two CS Saint-Laurent Players After Historic Cup Run

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UPDATE: Valour’s signing of the two players is now official. The original article continues below:

With Valour FC resting in seventh place and in dire need of turning its season around, it looks like head coach Philip Dos Santos is heading to a Quebec talent pool that has already turned heads aplenty this year: CS Saint-Laurent.

The semi-professional side bested professional opposition earlier this season before falling to Toronto FC, but the tenacity and talent they put on display has evidently left a lasting impression. According to Nilton Jorge and Tony Marinaro, Loic Kwemi and Safwane Mlah – both of CS Saint-Laurent – are turning professional with Valour FC.

We’ve already witnessed what The Magic Of The Cup meant to the CS-Saint Laurent ranks before they met demise against Toronto FC and the likes of Fernando Bernardeschi, but now we get to see the result of what comes next: two players getting their chances in Canada’s top flight.

Cameroonian-Canadian striker Loic Kwemi, 27, had once trialed with Cavalry ahead of the inaugural CPL season. He’s been an absolute phenom in Ligue1 Quebec, tallying 17 goals in en route to their championship win last season, and 19 before that. He was been named Canada Soccer’s Male Futsal Player of year in 2022, and he’s certainly brought that fast-footed skillset with him on the outdoor pitch.

Kwemi’s composed nature helped the side immensely in its penalty shootout victory over the Halifax Wanderers, with the player telling Audrey Magny that his experience on the grand stage of futsal helped take the edge off:

“It was a high-pressure match with a lot at stake, but not even a month ago I was in Nicaragua, playing for the national futsal team against the host country, trying to qualify for the quarter-finals. We were playing in front of around 10,000 people, the stadium was full, and a game like that gave me experience in dealing with a situation like [the match].”

Midfielder Safwane Mlah – who featured prominently against both Halifax and Toronto FC – tallied an impressive eight goals during CS Saint-Laurent’s championship campaign having previously brought AS Blainville a Coupe PLSQ. He claimed the Canada Soccer Futsal Player of the Year award for 2023 while also making waves with futsal side Sporting Montreal FC.

Mlah is now represented by AMA Sports Management, who teased that it’s now time to see what the next stage of Mlah’s career looks like.

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While Valour FC hasn’t publicly signed the two athletes yet, the two aforementioned sources are strong ones in the Quebec seen. The Winnipeg-based side has already done some roster shuffling, terminating its contract with defender Abdou Samake earlier this week.

With Jordi Swibel scoring the bulk of Valour’s goals, it’ll be interesting to see if the additions of Loic Kwemi and Safwane Mlah can spark some magic in a club that clearly needs a boost. Valour currently rest in seventh, and have been without the aid of Kian Williams and Marcello Polisi all season due to injury.

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