July 14, 2024
  • July 14, 2024
Referee Filip Dujic

‘WWE Style Announcement’: Referee Filip Dujic Goes Viral

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Canadian Premier League fans might have spotted a familiar face making waves in Major League Soccer circles this weekend, with referee Filip Dujic in the spotlight for how he delivered a VAR Decision in a draw between Saint Louis City and Atlanta United.

The 30-year-old Toronto man seemed to play up the crowd as he reviewed a possible offside goal for the home side. With his decision being played out over the stadium speaker, his shout that there was no offside was met with jubilation from the home fans – until he paused, raised his finger, and delivered an absolutely dripping-in-drama ‘however’:

Dujic’s explanation of the disallowed goal has earned him plenty of fans online, with some saying he could be a ring announcer in WWE, and others joking that they wish the sassy Mike Dean’s was still refereeing with this technology. The general consensus is that Filip not only explained it well, but did so in the most entertaining way possible.

The FIFA Referee has refereed just over thirty MLS matches now, but before his transition to the US top flight he was a mainstay in the Canadian Premier League: he’s officiated in that league too, including a 2022 CPL Final that preceded his full ascension into the MLS referee pool.

Referee Filip Dujic
We’ve seen Dujic giving as much sass as he gets on the field. (Photo Credit: John Jacques)

Having just been introduced this season, VAR review announcements are new to Major League Soccer. The goal is to provide clearer communication to what’s unfolding for fans watching in person or at home, and thus far it’s proven a great addition – and, evidently, it can help fans humanize referees, too.

While the CPL doesn’t have video assistant technology – though discussions for it have popped up – it’s nice to see that Dujic has kept his sass regardless of what league he’s officiating in.

Header Image Photo Credit: John Jacques

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