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York9 FC Ryan Telfer Loan Progress

Ryan Telfer Gets Trinidad and Tobago Call-Up

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2019 has been a big year for Ryan Telfer so far: the 25-year-old winger was loaned from Toronto FC to York9 FC for the Canadian Premier League’s inaugural season, where he scored the league’s first goal and has consistently impressed week-in and week-out. He even bagged an assist for Toronto FC during a single-game emergency loan recall in which he only featured for a handful of minutes.

Given his impressive form, it was no surprise when rumours indicated that both Canada and Trinidad and Tobago were interested in the winger. Today, it became official: Ryan Telfer has accepted a call-up from Trinidad and Tobago ahead of the country’s CONCACAF Nations League qualifier against Martinique. Should the winger feature in the game, he’ll be cap-tied to the Caribbean country.

Telfer, who was born in Mississauga but spent some 16 years growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, had previously admitted that it would be a tough choice to choose between the two countries, with York9 FC gaffer Jim Brennan stating that the club would fully support whichever choice he made.

Forge FC goalkeeper Quillan Roberts will also participate in the CONCACAF Nations League, where he will represent Guyana. So far, Cavalry FC goalkeeper Marco Carducci has been the only Canadian Premier League player to get called up to the Canadian national team, though head coach John Herdman did admit that Ryan Telfer was on his radar.

At 25, however, it seems Telfer doesn’t want to wait on a ‘maybe’ from Herdman. The Toronto FC loanee has impressed during his time with York9 FC, with the club’s assistant coach calling him the perfect prototype of how the CPL can help a player develop, and Toronto FC head coach Greg Vanney stating he had also been impressed by Telfer’s performances in Canada’s professional domestic league.

To the surprise of none, Trinidad and Tobago head coach Dennis Lawrence revealed that the country had been courting Ryan Telfer for some time:

As of this morning, we can announce that Ryan Telfer and Daniel Carr [are] now be part of the squad. We have been in conversation with them for a long period now getting them to represent Trinidad and Tobago and they finally agreed to do it and we have now confirmed all the documentations to make them eligible to play for Trinidad and Tobago.

Dennis Lawrence, Trinidad and Tobago head coach

Given that the Canadian national team has so many attacking options, it’s likely that Telfer will have a much better chance at getting international playtime when it comes to Trinidad and Tobago, though he has a strong attachment to both countries. It’s never an easy choice for a player to make, and there’s always a risk of fan backlash, as was the case with Teal Bunbury. In this case, however, fan reaction from Canadians seems to be entirely positive for the winger: fans are simply happy to see him get recognized on the national level.

Telfer is already travelling with the national team to St. Lucia ahead of the match.

All-in-all, it’ll be interesting to watch the talented player make his international debut at the age of 25. The former York Lion may be a ‘late bloomer’ compared to others in the professional game, but he’s certainly rising to great heights.

With his contract due to expire at the end of the October, there’s no telling where Telfer could end up in 2020 – but a few caps for Trinidad and Tobago ought to beef up an already impressive resumé.

Source: Trinidad and Tobago

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