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The Wanderers Recap: Resilient Teams Get Resilient Results

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Wanderers versus York United. It is starting to become a bit of a chippy match-up.

While the league has been doing everything it can to create rivalries, the natural ones that pop up are the ones that truly stick. This could become a rivalry to watch, even if there isn’t any geographical significance. Hard tackles, tight matches, similarity in table rankings year-over-year – what more could you want out of a newly-emerging rivalry?

Game Recap:

As the title claims, resilient teams get resilient results. There is a firm belief that resilience is one of the most apparent indicators of long-term success. If that holds true, the Wanderers are moving in the right direction as a squad (as we have alluded to many times in past The Wanderers Recaps).

Against York, the team went down a goal twice. In both instances, there was calm within the squad and a clear belief that they could come back to get something out of the match. Almost like a runner in a race starting to slowly increase the pace to hurt their opponents, the Wanderers were methodical, relentless, and most importantly, mentally resilient throughout this game. 

While there was frustration at the beginning of the season about too many draws, this one is different. It is a sign of progress. Cast back your memory to seasons in the past, and most of those Wanderers teams would’ve basically crumbled after the first goal, let alone turn up their confidence and battling back like they were the Goliaths, not the Davids. 

One of the main directives for the Wanderers this season was to ensure that scoring was more evenly spread amongst the squad. So far, you can easily make the claim that this has been a resounding success. Currently, one-third of Wanderers players in history to score two or more goals in a season have come from this season alone, as in the past, most team goals had come from individual players (Akeem Garcia, Joao Morelli, and Samuel Salter). 

Amongst these offensive weapons is Aidan Daniels. He is a player we are running out of superlatives for as his performances grow match over match. In this match, he had a stunning assist to Tiago Coimbra but also absolutely undressed a York defender in the process of scoring the game-tying goal. And as many people are saying, he is HIM right now.

I say this every recap, but his pressing has been relentless, his off-the-ball movement consistently outworks defenders, and his confidence in possession is enormous for the Wanderers when it comes to holding possession in transition and the final third.

Expect him to be in the Team of The Week once again. 

Halifax Wanderers Aidan Daniels
Photo Credit: David Chant / York United FC

I tend to stay away from criticism because there is certainly enough of that on the internet, but I feel like it is only fair to give out some constructive criticism occasionally. The backline had one of their poorer performances, which is understandable; they are all relatively young and still learning to play together against a powerful York United attack.

Daniel Nimick was solid, but this was one of his less dominant performances (it was bound to happen), and Cale Loughrey showed that he is still a project (albeit one that has demonstrated great moments so far) that can get lost at times when dealing with physical attackers.

I don’t necessarily have a solution for this other than time, experience, dedication to the craft and working with the coaching staff to address these issues. As Joel Embiid once said, “Trust the process”.

Halifax Wanderers Defense
Photo Credit: John Jacques


With that draw, the Wanderers temporarily move into fourth place as Valour didn’t pick up any points, and Cavalry has a game in hand. Atletico Ottawa could catch us with a win, but as of right now, it seems like a five team race for the third, fourth, and fifth spots. orge is being added to that as they look horrendous right now.


Lorenzo Callegari quietly picked up another assist, bringing his tally to four. This ties the Wanderers’ single-season record. With Aidan Daniels close behind him with three, the record of four looks like it will be blown out of the water.

Additionally, four assists puts Callegari in a tie for third all-time, just one off tying the all-time lead shared by Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare and Andre Rampersad.

Aidan Daniels is also up to eight all-time goal contributions for the Wanderers, which moves him into a tie for fourth in club history. So far, only three other players have reached double digits for contributions (goals and assists), and Aidan could do this in the next game or two with his current form (after all, he is HIM).

Header Image Photo Credit: John Jacques

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