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  • June 18, 2024
Toronto FC Stefan Karajovanovic

‘Unfinished Business’: TFC2 Roster Update Hints At CPL Movement

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MLS NEXT Pro side Toronto FC II has announced its end of season roster moves, revealing a surplus of talent that are sure to turn heads in the Canadian Premier League and elsewhere.

The club hasn’t exercise its contract options on former CPL athletes Stefan Karajovanovic and Klaidi Cela, with midfielders Antonio Carlini, Kota Sakurai, and Nakye Greenidge-Duncan also being passed over.

Former CPL goalkeepers Andreas Vaikla and Baj Maan are also out of contract at the end of the year, along with midfielders Steffen Yeates, Mehdi Essoussi, and forward Paul Rothrock.

Halifax Wanderers Stefan Karajovanovic

In a recent chat with Northern Tribune, Karajovanovic – who was a Halifax fan favourite last year and completed 19 appearances for TFC2 this season – stoked the flame of a CPL return by stating he had ‘unfinished business’ in the domestic league.

“I do think from what I’ve watched this year, it has grown a lot and I think I’d be willing to go back and play there. I think I have some unfinished business,” he told us following his final training session with Toronto FC II.

Similarly, former Forge goalkeeper Baj Maan is eyeing a return to the league, though the 22-year-old wants to land somewhere that will give him good minutes on the pitch.

“For my next step, I don’t know where it will be yet. I don’t know if it’s going to be, you know, maybe the CPL. I don’t know for sure, but definitely somewhere where I can get minutes.”

The Reds have retained goalkeeper Luka Gravan, defenders Antony Curic, Kobe Franklin, Rohan Goulbourne, Matthew Medeiros, Adam Pearlman, midfielders Julian Altobelli and Alonso Coello Camarero, and forward duo Alec Diaz and Reshaun Walkes.

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