May 20, 2024
  • May 20, 2024
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Valour Records Operating Loss Of Over One Million For 2023

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The Winnipeg Football Club has posted its financials for 2023, and while its CFL arm through the Blue Bombers is well in the green, Canadian Premier League side Valour FC ultimately recorded a loss of $1.25 million.

That’s a heftier loss than negative balance of $950,000 recorded last year, though clubrunner Wade Miller – who urged fans for patience after the club’s last-placed finished in 2023 – is still committed to steering the club towards sustainability.

“It’s the same thing I said a year ago,” said Miller. “We’re going to do everything we can to make this team successful and profitable in our city. You can see already some of the changes we’ve made for this year.”

Valour FC Diego Gutierrez Goal
Photo Credit: Canadian Premier League

The team has since undergone a hefty roster overhaul and committed to a club first by travelling to Europe for preseason, with head coach Phillip Dos Santos urging his team to be ambitious as Valour seeks to crack playoffs for the first time.

Heading into season six, they’re the only active club to never reach postseason berth aside of newcomers Vancouver FC, who finished one spot ahead of Valour in its inaugural campaign last year.

While there have been rumours that Valour FC was for sale, sources within both the Canadian Premier League and the club itself have stated that club leadership are committed to making Valour a profitable entity for the Winnipeg Football Club.

The team has yet to match its year one attendance numbers, when the team averaged some 5,335 fans per gmae. That’s a key target Miller has set for the team in terms of success.

“We’re making changes to find ways to get better results on the field with new hirings in soccer operations and coaching and have dedicated two sales reps specifically to Valour. We must get the attendance back up to an average of over 5,000 and find a way to make this successful going forward.”

Valour FC Dante Campbell
Photo Credit: Canadian Premier League

By comparison, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers averaged 30,449 in attendance last year, with Ed Tait stating that the CFL side is about as ‘healthy as the franchise has ever been in its long and storied history.’

Part of that CFL-backed windfall has seen the club inject a seven-figure investment to newly-renamed Princess Auto Stadium, with upgrades includes a new turf pitch for the 2024 CPL season. The process of this installation will mean no home games for Valour until June 2, however.

The Canadian Premier League side would need to increase its current average attendance by over 2,000 to hit the target set by Miller, though how much of a dent this would make in the club’s current operating loss remains unclear.

The Winnipeg Football Club states that its overall revenue totaled $50.5 million in 2023, up 11.2% from the year prior, with an operating profit of $5.7 million. For now, it appears Valour’s dent in those profits is something ownership can capably shoulder, though Miller sets the tone that he wants to see gains by the time of the 2024 audit.

Valour FC will kick off its sixth campaign away to Vancouver FC on Sunday, April 14.

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  • CJ 1 month ago

    As a season ticket holder from Valour’s inaugural season, I can tell you that the Club has done virtually nothing beyond a kit launch in terms of outreach. There’s no public or media profile and unless one visit’s the Club’s website (or IG) you wouldn’t know much about the team or upcoming season. The Goldeyes (baseball) and Sea Bears (basketball) receive regular print and electronic coverage. The squad has been overhauled (fingers crossed!) and they went to Portugal (and didn’t publicly share any match results) but we’re starting with 7 on the road which would be steep for any Club. This is going to be a make-or-break season as many of us only renewed this season (and last) because we want Valour to stay. There comes a point however where we’re tired of watching a poopy team, in an empty venue with no hint of excitement, and treated as an afterthought by owners whose priorities clearly lie with the Bombers (new ownership would be a positive in the long term). If Valour miss the playoffs again, we’re done.

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